22 March 2012

DIY update: faux capiz chandelier, hung!

Remember the never-ending faux-capiz chandelier project? Okay, maybe it wasn’t never-ending to you, because I didn’t post once a week saying “HEY LOOK STILL NOT DONE!” That’s just what it felt like for me every time I walked into my office for seven months. A pile of a thousand little wax-paper circles, taunting me.

But ultimately I got it together!

Then I waited another month to hang it... so this project definitely gets the draggy-feet award. I guess when you live with an oversized boob light for a long time, you forget how awful it is?

Oh now I remember! So awful!

Anyway, rather than replace it, I decided to just stick the chandy right over it. The light doesn’t get very hot and it’s rarely on anyway, so I wasn’t worried about the chandy getting too hot next to the fixture.

I just grabbed a few of these screw-hooks from the store:

Because I didn’t want to put giant anchor holes in the ceiling, I got four hooks to equally bear the weight – but I ended up only using two. Four still seems like a good idea, though, if you’re attempting the same thing!

Then I had to figure out how to place the hooks. I wanted to place them exactly equally around the light, starting with two opposite from each other at twelve o’clock and six o’clock. However, when I tried to determine where the screws should be with numbers and radii and math, I found myself trying to measure the circumference of the light with a seamstress’s measuring tape while standing on my rolling office chair. Like an idiot.

In the end I stuck the chandy on the ceiling with one hand and used a pencil to mark where I thought the screws should go with the other hand. So much simpler. (Except for the fact that I was still standing on a rolly-chair. Ahem.)

I didn’t want to break out the drill, so I instead grabbed a random screw and drove it into the ceiling with my power screwdriver:

... then replaced it with a hook:

Easy peasy!

To hang the chandy on the screws, though, I had to turn the hook parallel to the light, position the chandy above the screw, then twist the hook a quarter-turn to catch the rim of the chandy. And fortunately I got it right on the first try!

So yay for finally being hung in place! But... otherwise it’s still sort of disappointing, you know? It’s... sparse. Certainly in need of more faux-shells. Lots and lots of faux shells. And it took me seven months just to get those done! GAH.

Maybe it’s better with the light on?

..... Ehhhhhhhhhh. No. Not really. (Also not so great: the missing frame in my gallery wall. There is usually one there, promise.)

Still. I am not calling this project a complete and utter failure, nor am I tossing the whole blasted thing in the purge pile just yet. As a matter of fact... this not-so-great project just may make the move to our new home. Why? Because we’ll be renting. Which means two things: first, I’ll want any way to personalize a boring rental, and this can be placed over any boring light fixture. And second, my project-time as a renter won’t be spent painting rooms or tearing up floors or replacing ugly light fixtures with new pretty ones. Making more faux-capiz-shells may be right up my alley.

So! If you have more time or patience than me? Go forth and make yourself a chandy for super-cheap! And for Pete’s sake, don’t hang it while standing on a rolly-chair.