21 March 2012

Dr. P: the glory continues

I’m not going to lie to you, dear readers. The mounting stress of getting this house ready to sell is taking a toll on Mr. P and me. Of course, the house-selling stress is coupled to the other life changes – applying to new jobs for Mr. P, getting ready for my new job, finding a new place to live, et cetera et cetera. But the house, the house. We are so over it.

So! Let’s talk about something happier, okay? Like my funny hat.

Otherwise known as an octagonal tam. I’m actually wearing it backwards. For extra comedic effect! Or maybe because I didn’t know any better.

In any case, yes, I’m back to talking about my best project to date, the one that gave me some extra letters after my name and a swanky new title. Though I actually graduated last December, my school only has one graduation ceremony in May. So in a few months, I get to wear my doctoral robes and funny hat and feel graduated!

I have the rest of the robes, too, and they are pretty spectacular. But I’ll show you those when it’s actually ceremony time. Sorta like how you wait to show off the wedding dress at the wedding, you know? Sure, there will be hundreds of people dressed exactly like me, but those robes cost more than my wedding dress (!!!). I’m going to save them for all the pomp and circumstance they deserve.

In the meantime, check out the fantastic box they arrived in:

Oh yes, that’s a very nice addition to my collection.

In a lovely bit of serendipity, I actually found the box delivered on my doorstep, robes neatly packaged inside, when I returned home from picking up this:

It’s my dissertation, as a book! A book I wrote! A book that’s technically published because the graduate school made me fill out fancy publishing forms! I’m not sure which sounds cooler, “dissertation” or “published book”. So I’m going to use both!

Because I digitally submitted my dissertation to the graduate school (“in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy”, as it says on the title page), I didn’t really have to create any print copies, hardbound or otherwise. But I did, because there is just something extra-special about seeing your hard work, printed on fancy paper and bound in a real hardback book:

That’s one of my favorite experiments, but even the so-so ones look pretty great that way.

So yeah! Funny hat, fancy book!

At least some projects are going well around here.


Miranda said...

Yay! You are super (and officially) awesome!

Christal said...

what a fantastic feeling! Congrats again!!!

Tina said...

it never seems to fail, that "things" kick up trying to block future changes - the past really is obdurate to change... must be some law of the universe. So try not to be discouraged - just keep on plugging away. Sometimes these are called "God-bumps", too, ya know? :-) I'm so very proud of y'all!

Miles said...

Your smile in the last pic is SO your mom's! Love it and congrats! Wow.

Miles said...

Anddd, I can't help but wonder why you're wearing your wedding bands and watch on the right hand/ wrist!

Sarah said...

Ahh, you guys are the best! Especially since I owe almost all of you a real email! I'm getting there, promise. And Bekah, that's my reflection in a mirror! So I'm shooting with my right hand, wedding band and watch on the left... and too lazy to flip the photo, apparently :)

Miles said...

LOL. I'm such a dunce and obviously sleep deprived! I'm so glad the kids have Dustin's brain!