12 March 2012

The great spring clean: the office closet

One of the nice things about being a professor, if only temporarily, is having a spring break. I haven’t had a spring break in years, resorting to just becoming more and more jealous of Mr. P and his time off with each passing year. This year, though, it was his turn to be jealous, as I got a whole week off during a week of beautiful weather! I was all, “SPRING BREAK WOOOO!”

(If you haven’t seen Arrested Development, then, uh, you can just ignore that image right there. Or better yet GO WATCH ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, because you’re a fool if you don’t.)

To be honest, because of the hailstorm that cancelled class (and that has figured prominently in my nightmares recently), today is actually my first day back to class since February. Isn’t that crazy? Eleven whole days off. And I wasn’t about to let them go to waste. We have a house to sell, people. Which is how my spring break became the Great Spring Clean.

One of my goals for the week was to conquer the chaos of the office. We don’t spend much time in there, now that it’s no longer the thesis-writing room, so it ends up in total disarray, including those towers of empty boxes in anticipation of our move.

Even worse, that box-tower is just blocking another disaster: the office closet. You know, the original home of the paperwork disaster, the ridiculous number of family photos, and a stunning amount of other things:

That photo is from many months ago, when I actually started tackling that awful, awful closet. I forgot to take a photo at the very beginning, so if you can believe it, it started out even worse. Note that the doors neither close, because of the stuff spilling out in front of the closet, nor open all the way, because of the stuff in the closet. Disaster, indeed.

As I worked to clean out that closet, I took photos along the way. First I found a better home for those large frames, in a place that wasn’t blocking access to half the stuff in the closet. I also cleaned out and consolidated gift-wrap supplies, which found a home in the black and white bag on the bottom.

(Look, a cameo appearance of the blue-and-white sponge-painted basket!)

Then I started the great photo organization, which emptied out several shelves’ worth of mismatched photo albums.

After our visit to IKEA last year, I added white cardboard CD and DVD boxes to my somewhat ridiculous collection of white cardboard photo boxes. By the time I took this photo, I’d also gotten the paperwork situation under control.

That photo was taken at some point last week, when I’d finally transferred some of my late uncle’s possessions from a bent-up cardboard box into a nicer plastic one (in the upper left) and was gearing up to empty a few more photo albums into white boxes. Note the cardboard box tower just out of frame on the left... I had to move the rest of my box collection out of the way to even take this photo.

So finally, after months of work off and on, I finished organizing the office closet last week:

TA-DA! Like the bathroom cabinets, it’s not the prettiest, Pinterest-worthy closet ever, but considering where it started? It should earn the most-improved award, for sure! I won’t be embarrassed when prospective homebuyers check out the closet in the office anymore.

And the cardboard box towers have been re-located – not just out-of-frame, either. I actually managed to get the rest of the office in ship-shape last week:

I’m proud of that too, considering that organizing a closet often means dragging the contents out into the room. I managed to take care of all the discarded items from the closet, relocate everything that we kept, and take care of the other random clutter that collects in this room naturally. Like a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush. OH YES REALLY.

So that’s a major project finally conquered over spring break! I’ll be back with more of my “vacation photos” later this week! But no boob-flashing a la Kitty Sanchez. Promise.


Christal said...

I really, really like the colors in this room.