20 March 2012

Oh hail no

Hey, remember when I was all “Oh we had this crazy hail storm with tons of monster-sized hail but don’t worry everything is okay”?

I, uh... I was wrong. Everything is not okay.

See, when I wrote that post, the only damage we’d found was this:

Aww, lookit the teeny rip in the screen! Psshhhh, that’s no damage at all! Considering I was whimpering “the caaaaaaaaaaar, the caaaaaaaaaaaaar” during the entire hail pounding, and the car escaped just fine, we are basically fortunate, damage-free people! Hooray!

Then a few days later, I wandered into the guest room and found this:

And this:

Yikes. The first hole we found is as big as my thumb, but those guys are as big as my hand. Guess it’s time to learn how to repair window screens!

But before we even got around to that, Mr. P was approached in the backyard by our friendly neighbor. This neighbor has what I’m sure is a gorgeous view of our roof from his kitchen window (surburbia, amirite?), and he wanted Mr. P to know that we needed to call our insurance agent, like, yesterday. Our roof did not fare so well.

It honestly hadn’t occurred to us to do that, despite the ginormous holes in our screens. I’d like to think, though, that we might have had an inkling given that every other house in our neighborhood now has a roofing company sign in their lawn. Or perhaps, by the ridiculous number of handouts left by roofing companies on our front door:

So last week, a very nice claims adjustor shook my hand, got his ladder out, and climbed around on our roof for a while. A long while. Mr. Nice Claims Adjustor had predicted that the assessment would take less than thirty minutes, but when he’d been out there over an hour, I started to think that perhaps things were not going so well. Then Mr. Nice Claims Adjustor came down and informed me our roof and gutters were totaled.


Did you know roofs could be totaled? I did not! I knew that insurance companies could total cars, but roofs and gutters? Hey, learn something new every day!

Considering the roof was nearing the end of its life, though, it’s actually not very surprising. And fortunately, we’re not in danger of leaks according to Mr. Nice Claims Adjustor. He actually advised us to wait until others in the neighborhood have their work done – except that’s not really an option for us, because we’re moving soon. Sad face.

Mr. Nice Claims Adjustor also gave us a very nice check. As you might expect, that is pretty much the only fun part of having a totaled roof and gutters.

Mr. P and I debated whether or not to go ahead with a new roof or just give a concession to potential buyers. Considering that insurance is paying for a huge chunk of it, it seems prudent to go ahead and get a new roof. However, putting an entirely new roof on this house is clearly outside the scope of our DIY abilities. So, we’re in the process of getting quotes now. I’ll keep you posted as this roof project progresses!

Oh, homeownership. You fickle beast.


Miles said...

I feel like we are living the same life! That same storm totaled our roof, too. We're getting a new one put on today. Thank goodness for home owner's insurance!