27 March 2012

We've got [Nashville] spirit, yes we do

We’ve got [Nashville] spirit, how ’bout you?!

I know I’m really terrible with narrative flow on this website. I have dozens of “I’ll tell you about this someday!” and then I’m distracted by something else and totally forget that I ever owed you an update. I thought maybe that I’m a bit more organized with my blogging now I’d be better at it, both by not promising updates, or planning an update if I do promise one.


But, I’m working on getting better! So today I have an update! Remember when I showed you our totally Nashville-themed living room?

Those posters are from Spirit of Nashville by Anderson Design Group and I love love love them. And when I first wrote about them, I mentioned my moderate panic that they were largely discontinuing the wonderfully affordable 11x14” prints – especially because I wasn’t loving the framed sheet-music-over-scrapbook-paper free art thing I’d tried (sorry, Beethoven). So when I noticed that one poster I’d had my eye on was available in 11x14”...

It became mine!

Sorry again for the weird angle caused by trying to avoid reflections on the glass. That’s the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which... really, just by the name alone, how could that possibly be any more “Nashville”? But I have an even better reason for wanting that print. This ground-level photo of the building...

...was taken the night Mr. P and I got engaged. Squeeee!

See, we attend his school’s prom each year, and a few years ago, he used it as a sneaky special occasion to propose. Not at the prom, good gosh no. His students’ brains would have exploded with the gossipy awesomeness if he’d done that. He proposed afterwards. But the prom itself was at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, with this neato piano wall in the lobby – see how the windows are in a two-three-two-three pattern, like black keys on a piano?

The piano-esque wall actually extends to the exterior of the building... which you can see in the print, too! It’s super nice to have a reminder of such a special evening without having to hang an actual 11x14” photo of ourselves on that evening, yes?

So I’m thrilled to add this Nashville poster to the collection!

You know, it’s probably a good thing they are discontinuing the 11x14” posters. We only have so much money... and only so many walls.


Christal said...

akkk, they're discontinuing them? I better pick up that bluebird one asap....

Sarah said...

I honestly don't know if they're discontinuing them, but there used to be LOTS of prints with 11x14 and now there are almost none :( Yes, I'd grab if it you want it! If it becomes unavailable I don't know if it will come back.