26 April 2012

Crazy box ladies (a.k.a. another lesson in How to Be)

After the mountain of photos (and words, always with the words) in yesterday’s post, I’m keeping it short and simple today, and all about dear reader L. She and I grew up on the same street, and there must have been something in the water because as an adult she, too, became afflicted with crazy box lady disease.

As you know, I am currently suffering/enjoying the disease myself.

But L is having a baby soon (squeeeee) and needed to clear out her personal box hoard to make room for, well, the baby. So she offered them to me. Only problem: L lives two hours away, and I couldn’t convince Mr. P that the boxes were worth the drive.

L’s husband, however (perhaps having a better understanding of crazy box lady disease) was willing to stuff their car with boxes and swing through Nashville to leave them at our place during a recent roadtrip. But there was a second problem: Mr. P and I would be heading to St. Louis while they were passing through. Argh! Just in case, I told L where the spare housekey would be, though I fully expected that no one is nice enough to drive two hours out of their way to give me cardboard boxes and leave them in my garage.

L is, you guys. She totally is.

When we arrived home from STL, this is what was in our garage:





Needless to say, I owe L big time (a more tangible thank-you is coming your way as soon as I get my act together, L!). But in the meantime, I wanted to thank her publicly here, for her ridiculous awesomeness and a good lesson for me in How to Be. Three cheers for L and her amazing husband, the great sympathizer of crazy box lady disease! Though actually, I need to thank all of you sweet readers that have offered boxes! You guys are the best enablers that a crazy box lady could hope for. Hugs and kisses, dear readers.


Tina said...

Oh, Girl - you have your fix!!! And I have 37 more to add to it for you, too! Plus, you are moving into the perfect place that has 2000 extra sq. ft. to store/hide your stash in the attic! No wonder you are getting so giddy...

Mary Beth said...

I'm trying to figure out who "L" is!

Sarah said...

MB - your former next door neighbor! The younger L sister :)

Mary Beth said...

Ahh ok, that is what I suspected :) I just got back in town from travelling for 2 weeks and caught up on 15 of your most recent posts! I feel so behind!