10 April 2012

DIY: Rack repurposing

When Mr. P and I were engaged, my mother’s church friends volunteered to host a bridal tea for me. These are nice, traditional Southern ladies who planned a nice, traditional Southern bridal tea. The only problem? I failed to understand that a nice, traditional Southern tea is a gift-giving occasion. I think I thought we would just stand around chatting and eating cake. Everyone assumed I knew about the gifts, whereas I didn’t want to be rude and assume we’d get presents.

Ass, you, me, etc.

So this is what I hauled back to Nashville from the tea. It barely fit in my Jeep; I put myself in the photo for a sense of scale. (Also, this was two years ago... ignore the gold trim on the fireplace, the old TV, and the lack of a proportioned rug.)

I KNOW. Nice, traditional southern ladies are generous.

Just one problem. Mr. P and I only registered for things we could truly use, not realizing so many would want to buy us a present. Instead we suggested donations to ACS or NMSS that would put their wedding present to far better use. But the sweet gift-givers didn’t know that, which meant our (relatively) sparse registry became an issue. Once everything in their price range on our registry had been purchased, they didn’t know what to get us. And bless their hearts (Southern!), they carefully picked out a wedding present for us anyway.

One of the off-registry things we received was a large gold-and-faux-crystal coat rack, which you can see in the foreground in the photo above. It was very nice, just like the other gifts we received! But because we didn’t have a lot of gold accessories, nor do we have wall space to hang it by the front door. So it sat in the guest room for awhile, until I finally repurposed it into something far more “us”.

First, I taped off the “crystals” with blue tape and spraypainted the metal part satin-nickel.

It’s reading a shiny-lavender in the photo but I promise you, it’s nickel.

And then I hung it... over the bathtub.

Yes. A coat rack over the bathtub. Why? Because I discovered after getting married that my husband doesn’t fold his towel absolutely perfectly over the bar, as I do. Rather than fight it, straightening his towel to my obsessive-compulsive-standards every day, I took down the bar and installed this. Coat rack to towel rack, BAM.

I can’t obsess over perfectly-folded towels if there’s no folding involved!

Because we have to reach over a large garden tub to hang up our towels, it’s so much easier to throw them on this rack than to fold over a bar. Plus, the swankiness of the rack cancels out any potential sloppiness caused by hanging our towels this way.

But the best part? The spraypaint was on hand, and the rack was, of course, a gift! Which meant this upgrade from a plain-chrome towel bar was free to me and a lovely reminder of that bridal tea.

We hung this a year ago, and it still makes me happy every single day! If you too suffer from a compulsion to straighten imperfectly-folded towels? Here’s your solution! And bonus points if you score one at an event where you unexpectedly receive a mountain of presents.