16 April 2012

Eats: a plethora of pizzas

It is more than safe to say that I am in a serious pizza phase right now. I’ve been putting pizza on the menu weekly, but I’d be happy to eat pizza at nearly every meal. Which I did, in St. Louis last week.

Thursday night, relaxing after the day’s long drive: take-out from Domino’s (don’t hate, their new sauce really is tasty, and we could order online)

Friday morning for breakfast: leftover Domino’s cheesy bread

Friday afternoon while apartment hunting out-and-about: a spinach, roasted garlic, and feta deep-dish from Pi Pizzeria

Saturday for lunch with the St. Louis family: the Edgar Allen Poe (I think) and a calzone from Dewey’s

Saturday for dinner after returning home: leftover homemade pizza I made before our trip

Sunday for lunch: more leftover pizza from before our trip

Needless to say, after that weekend, I took pizza off the menu for the following week. But only the following week!

One of the reasons pizza is my favorite food is because it’s so ridiculously versatile. Not only are the toppings virtually endless, but you can change the base up as well. Sometimes I make my own dough and sauce, sometimes I buy the dough and sauce separately, and sometimes (usually only when I have a coupon) I buy a cheese pizza from the Kroger deli and dress it up the way we like it.

All this to say, if your pizza repertoire includes only frozen pepperoni pizza: you’re doing it wrong.

I’ve already featured few pizza recipes here: my favorite easy-peasy dough, a Chicago-style deep-dish crust, and the delicious prosciutto-and-mascarpone pizza (which includes a link to my new favorite sauce recipe). But in honor my current pizza obsession, here are three more easy-peasy homemade pizzas for you to try!


Your basic ham and pineapple. While deli-sliced ham and fresh pineapple are surely delicious, we’re happy with cutting up packaged ham (leftovers for sandwiches!) and a small can of diced pineapple. For this one pictured below, the crust and sauce were store-bought separately.

I’d love to put slices of green bell peppers on my half, too, but I didn’t have any on hand. Just be sure to cover the peppers with cheese (so they don’t burn and turn bitter). But leave the pineapple on top, so it can caramelize like you see in the photo! Mmm.

Barbecue chicken

For this, I baked a smallish chicken breast until it was barely done, then shredded it. I made the crust (with this recipe) and baked it for about ten minutes WITHOUT toppings. Then I brushed on store-bought barbecue sauce (spicy Kroger brand) mixed with lots of minced garlic and onion, added the shredded chicken, and topped with mozzarella.

It’s so ridiculously simple for such a delicious pizza, especially if you buy the pre-minced garlic and onion, as I do! My only tip is to avoid overcooking the chicken. It’s going to bake twice, and you don’t want it to be tough.

The Mr. P

Ok, I actually use Mr. P’s first name when I refer to this in real-life, because I’m not a character in Jane Austen novel. It’s named after him, though, because it includes his favorite toppings: mushrooms, olives (sometimes green, sometimes black), and artichokes. I chop and sauté the mushrooms in butter and garlic; the olives and artichokes are chopped straight from the can.

As I don’t like mushrooms or olives, my half is the Mr. P-light: artichokes and a generous sprinkling of dried basil. If you love basil, this is a delicious way to eat it! And as an extra bonus, I made this with a tasty pre-made six-cheese pizza from the deli (again, with a coupon). If you go this route, keep in mind that you won’t be adding more cheese, so stick with toppings that won’t burn if they are on top of the cheese.

But remember, you can top a pizza with basically anything! If Mr. P liked hummus, I’d be making a hummus-and-roasted-vegetable number like this one here. And taco pizza? I’ve got my eye on you.

So if you’re in a pizza rut, break out of it and join me in my pizza craze!


Tina said...

ah-ha! You are becoming more like your mother! I, too, could eat pizza 3 times a day! My selections are primarily supreme and cheese sticks, though. You're more adventurous while I've become more uncomplicated... and honestly prefer it delivered with my own simple side salad. ;-)

Miles said...

Exactly! We eat homemade pizza once a week, too. Tonight, we're doing a veg. Pizza using raw vegs. For toppings and cream cheese/ mayo/ pkg of ranch seasoning for the sauce.

I'm curious about this taco pizza!