25 April 2012

Master suite tour

Reader/commenter/fellow blogger Bekah recently pointed out that I’ve never really shown you guys our master bedroom suite. Bekah is absolutely correct and also sort-of read my mind – it’s been on my blog to-do list for a long time, as it’s one of my favorite spaces! Our previously-featured master closet is awesomesauce, yes, but the room attached to it is pretty spectacular as well.

So why haven’t I shown it to you? Because it is usually an un-blog-worthy mess. Mr. P and I don’t make our bed. Our dresser is a dumping ground for whatever papers, receipts, or doo-dads we’ve yet to put away. The corner of our bedroom has been stacked with boxes for my parents for months now. The “window seat” usually has clothes thrown over it (I’ll take credit for those; Mr. P’s are usually flung on the unmade bed). For shame.

However, I recently got it all cleaned up for the realtor to come over! No unmade bed or piles on the dresser or boxes in the corner! So, I took advantage of that rare window of blog-worthiness to snap a bunch of photos and finally present to you: our master suite! Get ready, this is photo-heavy.

Here’s the view when you peek in the room through the doorway from the dining room:

I realize it’s not cool to pat yourself on the back but gah I love this photo. Vaulted ceilings, antique furniture mixed with modern, neutrals!

Here’s the details: the walls are my favorite perfect gray, Behr Ashwood (when I bought the house, this whole suite was maroon, ugh). The platform bed was picked out by Mr. P before we were married, and I love how very West-Elm it is. The duvet is a Thomas O’Brien pattern from Target (now discontinued) mixed with plain ivory pillow shams. The nightstands were collected from an antique store by my mom – they’re glass on top, wood (well, particle board) on the bottom shelf. The wooden music stand was adopted from my parents. I found both the lamps ($40 each!) and art ($30 each!) at HomeGoods, and they are perhaps some of my favorite parts of this room! And finally, I showed you how I updated the light fixture in this room here.

The reason we could get away with dark-ish paint in this room is this giant window:

It’s dressed with IKEA curtains that I showed you here, and I made it a little window seat with a mid-century modern coffee table from my grandparents and a chenille throw (although no, we do not actually sit on it for fear of breaking it). The mirror over the dresser came from Mexico – it was left in the house I grew up in by the previous owners who had defected from Cuba, and I’ve since adopted it. So basically the only piece of furniture in this room that I actually purchased was the TV stand, which came from Target (and was originally with its matching desk in our office). And I apologize if you think the TV is an eyesore, but I don’t mind it because I happen to enjoy our weekly SNL-in-bed routine.

Looking a little more closely... the photos over the TV were taken by yours truly during our Italian honeymoon.

From top to bottom, that’s the Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum, the oculus of the Pantheon in the evening, and the Coliseum early in the morning. The shelves are a little small for my tastes now, but having photos of my favorite places with my favorite guy make up for that.

As for that dresser, my mom plucked it from the trash somewhere (a specialty of hers). She cleaned it up with a fresh ivory coat of paint, both on the solid hardwood and the original knobs. When I adopted it, I wanted it to look like wood, so I painted it this gosh-awful brown and spraypainted the original knobs gold. That never looked good. So, after several years of living with that bad decision, I stripped off all the paint, stained it with Polyshades, and bought new pulls for it.

It now matches the bed Mr. P picked out perfectly. Even if my staining job is a little rough in places, that dresser was one of my first huge projects and I adore it. After all that, I am never relinquishing it!

The dresser is “styled” with a few of my favorite things:

That’s the flower I wore in my hair at our wedding reception, which I made with a brooch from my mother’s mother. The dried flowers are from a bouquet I carried when I was a model for a few hours (our photographer needed a bride for a limo company shoot). And the bouquet rests in a monogrammed etched-glass vase that my mother made us.

Finally, the other side of the bedroom looks like this:

The door to our closet, two mini-bookshelves (both built by my handy mom), and our master bathroom that’s open to the vaulted ceiling and has no door! Kinda sexy, kinda gross. And you can ignore the streaky mirror, please, because I fixed it after I saw this photo. Consider it a sign that the mirror had been cleaned!

As for the shelf on the left, the canvas baskets on the bottom are from Target and currently hold my jeans, cardigans, purses, and hats/gloves while we try to keep the closet clutter-free. Most of the books are turned backward to keep it nice and neutral in this room. The sunburst mirror I bought in 2006 from Hobby Lobby, WAY BEFORE THE TREND EXPLODED THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And on that bookshelf is one of my favorite photos:

That’s Mr. P and me being all kissy-kissy in the fountains in front of the Metro courthouse, from our engagement photoshoot. I saw a deal on canvas-prints a few years ago and got one for each of our moms and this one for us. Usually I’d keep the PDA on the DL, but I think super-romantic photos are okay in the bedroom, don’t you? And it amuses me that my photo of the photo above looks like it was taken in black-and-white, too, with the ivory shelves and black frame and gray walls. Maximum neutrals, achieved!

All right, on to the bathroom! Here’s the vanity:

(PS see how the gray paint in the bedroom through the doorway looks nearly blue, but it’s brownish in the bathroom? That’s what I mean about perfect gray – it’s never too blue or too brown. Sometimes it even looks greenish, and other times reddish! That is a true neutral.)

The sinks and vanity are original to the built-in-1990 house, but the previous owners stripped and stained the vanity a darker shade and replaced the hardware (similar to what I did here). The mirror too is original, and they dressed it up with trim. I replaced the light fixtures with the same fixtures as the downstairs bathroom – they were on sale for $40 each! Originally they were those super cheapy exposed-bulb Hollywood-style track lights, so it was a really nice upgrade.

You can see a bit of the garden tub peeking out in the previous photo; here’s the rest of that side of the room:

Oh hello, recently-featured repurposed-towel-rack! I really do use that bathtub daily, and it’s spoiled me to have a garden tub under a vaulted ceiling. When I take baths in regular-sized bathtubs now, I’m all cramped. Boo hoo first-world problems.

The window above the bathtub is frosted, so the room is a little dark, but fortunately a lot of light comes in from the giant window in the bedroom. And speaking of that window, here’s the view of the other side of the bathroom:

Now you see why there’s no door – there is a little privacy wall instead (which blocks visuals but not the other senses, which is why Mr. P and I usually exit the bedroom when one of us has business to do). The cabinet is the one I recently organized; it was installed by the previous owner and goes into the drywall, so it’s much deeper than it appears. To store TP, I copied YHL and bought a glass hurricane vase. The wall medallion came from Hobby Lobby.

Finally, here’s the door-less view of the bathroom from the bedroom itself:

Mr. P and I upgraded the shower head after the previous one exploded last year during Mr. P’s shower. Normally the shower is more cluttered, with a big shower caddy that holds my industrial-sized bottles of hair care products, but we pared it down to the essentials while we’re selling the house for a nice, clean, open look.

Whew! I hope you liked the tour of our master suite – it’s been a long time coming! With any luck, I’ll be able to transform our new master bedroom into a space that’s just as enjoyable.


Miles said...

Great post, you did not disappoint!

It cracks me up that there is no bathroom door AND that the wall doesn't reach the ceiling over the bathroom!

I'm in the process of giving our master suite a makeover. I love your neutrals and lack of clutter, i.e. lack of baby crib and changing table :)

Very pretty!

The Misadventuress said...

OMG. Your house is going to sell in negative 5 seconds. I'm hiring you to come stage our home should we ever have to sell!! LOVELY!

Rachel C said...

I love love love your bedroom. It's what I dream one looks like. So perfect.

Mary Beth said...

SO PRETTY! I love your bed frame and dresser - very stylish. And if I had the no-door bathroom situation, I would probably make my significant other leave the HOUSE if I had business. Of course I'm overly paranoid about privacy - ha! But I love the color of the walls and how you have the master suite decorated. Of course, I expected nothing less!