27 April 2012

Photo Friday #44: hot hot pink

A few weeks ago, this was the azalea bush in our front yard. I promise you, dear readers, I didn’t enhance the color in this photo. The hot pink really was just as blinding in real life as it is in this photo. Maybe more.

Yes, there’s been a ridiculous number of blooming flower photos here on the blog lately. But this sort of springtime beauty is so ephemeral – even these blooms here have already dropped and withered away. I can’t bottle the joy that springtime brings me, so these photos are the next best thing.


Tina said...

If or when you would ever have pink in your house decor, your photos would be lovely postered, mounted and framed...!

Shanna said...

This is beautiful, even more lovely than my azalea [which I might say is not nearly as deep pink as yours]. 2012 has been a wonderful year for blooms, so far!