11 April 2012

Rag-rolling: just say NO

I’ve just a quick post for you today, dear readers. Things are kicking up a notch here for Team P, so time is short. But I promise I’m also working on some exciting posts that I’ll share with you soon! (Well, they are exciting to me. I, uh, don’t want to oversell. Though I do hope you find them exciting too!)

As for today, I have but a simple plea: please do not rag-roll your walls.

No really. Put the rag-roller down!

I know it can be an excellent paint treatment when done well. I do! The previous owners rag-rolled my kitchen very nicely in tone-on-tone shades, and it looked great. No joke! I wish I had a better photo; they managed to make it seamless, even around all the cabinets and windows. As far as rag-rolling goes, it was pretty much perfect.

And I know that rag-rolling is a great trick to hide basically all the imperfections in the drywall. That’s great if your wall has a lot of imperfections!

My kitchen did not. UNTIL IT WAS RAG-ROLLED.

I’ve shown you before the beautiful before-and-after from when I painted the kitchen the most perfect shade of green ever (Weeping Willow by Olympic, if you’re interested):

But here’s what you don’t usually see.

All that grody texture is from the rag-rolling. Which means that when I should be basking in the beautiful morning light of my eastern-exposure kitchen? I’m instead distracted and annoyed by how bad the walls truly look.

It cannot be sanded down – believe me, I tried. It cannot be hidden (flat paint would help disguise it, but kitchens need sheen for cleaning purposes so I used eggshell). And it will drive anybody who paints over it in the future – which may be you – absolutely bonkers.

So if you need to hide already-existing defects in your walls? Sure, go ahead and rag-roll them. But if you have beautiful, unblemished walls? Be prepared for the damage that rag-rolling will do!


Miranda said...

I know you see it everyday, but hopefully it will make you feel better to know that I have never noticed. :)