05 April 2012

White paint therapy

I think most people have some sort of activity that keeps their hands busy but lets their mind wander. For many people it’s stuff like crocheting or knitting or anything crafty and repetitive like that. For me, it’s painting. But not painting landscapes or still life – just white paint. Plain white paint. Yes, the best art therapy for me is painting trim.

I am not joking. Painting trim bright white, with my favorite paintbrush, is honestly my most favorite, relaxing house activity. No, more than that. It’s my happy place. A form of meditation.

So the other night, I finally decided to have a relaxing evening (NOT SARCASM) taking care of this little problem:

Don’t see it? Compare the left door to the right. Oh now you see what I mean!

See, those office closet doors – plus all the trim in that room – hadn’t been painted in who knows how long before I moved in. It was white, but the color had turned over time and become dingy. The trim all got painted when I painted the room, and the bright white looked awesome with the gray-blue wall color, but just made the dingy doors look awful.

At some point in the last year, I had leftover white trim paint in a can and tackled the door on the left... but promptly ran out of paint before I could take care of the one on the right. It bugged me the entire time I wrote my thesis in that room, but not enough to do anything about it... until now!

Sure, painting a door is easier with a mini-roller than a brush. But that requires a new, clean roller, a tray, and a dropcloth for those teensy flecks of paint that fly everywhere with a roller. Too many supplies to count as relaxing! So, I just used my favorite brush, an open can (not ideal because of drying-out, but whatever), and an old towel.

I should also say that while a roller minimizes brush strokes, these doors had already been brush-painted before. I just made sure my strokes were in the same directions as the faux wood grain, and it was just fine. If they didn’t have that grain, or if I hadn’t known it would look fine with brush-painting, I would have gone with a roller for a smooth finish.

Twenty minutes later my therapy session was complete:

Least exciting before-and-after, I know. And it looks a little wonky because the paint wasn’t dry yet. But I achieved some inner peace along the way, and that should count for something!

It was so relaxing that I kept going, painting both of the laundry closet doors (important to be spiffy, since you can practically see them from the front door):

And speaking of the front door, I painted all the trim around it, too – which again, had been quite dingy until it got a new shiny coat of off-the-shelf untinted white:

There were a few yucky spots on this door that are no more now (the yucky lighting is, however, all my fault):

And for good measure, I painted both of these doors (the one to our bedroom and bedroom closet). They were only ones left unpainted on the upper level of our home, so it seemed only fair that they should be glossy and pretty too!

Yes, it took hours to paint all of those doors and trim... and yes, there were probably other pressing home projects that I should have done instead. But there is nothing like a fresh coat of white paint and hours of introspection, so that was an evening well-spent! Though I suppose I should give at least some credit to that glass of wine.


Miles said...

Other than the doors and closet, I don't think I've "seen" the master bedroom/ bath. So, this is my request :)