29 May 2012

Casa P, the complete tour

We’ve had a lot of challenging adventures during this blog’s short life, but I’ll admit: finding time to write is difficult these days. I’d like to tell you more about the to-market-we-will-go process, or what we’ve been up to lately to get the house to closing. But time’s short, dear readers, and only getting shorter.

So today I’m keeping the words words words to a minimum and posting a bunch of photos I didn’t even take. CHEATER! Yes, well.

I think you will like these photos, though! Behold: how we sold our house, and a complete house tour, all in one! That’s right, today I’m sharing the listing photos from our realtor’s photographer. And the very first photo is something special: the front of our house.

Never before seen on this blog so that I could feel slightly more secure! But we’re leaving in a week, so... clock’s ticking, stalkers.

Moving on inside...

Those prom daisies added a nice pop of color to my super-neutral entryway, eh?

Up the stairs leads to the rarely-featured living room:

And you can see the dining room back there in our open-concept main floor:

Which leads, of course, into the kitchen.

There were a few more photos of the kitchen, but you’ve seen virtually every step in the remodeling process so it’s old news to you!

Off the dining room is the no-longer-mysterious master suite:

Downstairs, we’ve got the guest room, with the never-totally-completed gallery wall:

The somewhat cramped, but functional, office:

And the guest bathroom:

The laundry closet is down there too, but a laundry closet is never a selling feature over a laundry room, even if it is remodeled with blood, sweat, and tears. So no photo of that.

The hard work I put into the deck was featured, though:

And I liked that this photo showed how the deck feels like you’re in a treehouse:

In all the time I lived here, I kept meaning to take photos to create a house tour for the blog. Well, I finally got the house tour – even if I didn’t take the photos! And a real estate photographer makes the house look better than I ever could with my camera equipment, so extra bonus.

Still, I will take the tiniest bit of credit. When my mother showed these photos to my aunt, a realtor, my aunt asked who did our staging. She was surprised to learn... it was just me. That was our home. Sure, I chose projects carefully for resale potential over the years, but those photos are still just a clean version of our regular home.

I treasure these photos for several reasons. Obviously, I love having photos of our home looking its best! But I also need them as a reminder of what I can do in the new place, especially at this discouraging low point with our home in disarray. Just... give me a few years, eh?


Tina said...

I am so glad you have these pix of your sweet l' il house...