07 May 2012

Eats: berry creme pie

It’s getting to be that time of year... that time when it seems like there’s a party every weekend. Graduation, weddings, showers, birthdays, finally-the-weather-is-pretty-let’s-celebrate parties. Plus Cinco de Mayo, Derby Day... geez. It’s not just me, is it? I have a wedding-related event every weekend this month – including one Saturday that has a wedding and a birthday party and Mr. P’s school graduation. I mean. That is a lot of celebrating!

So you’re going to need an easy-peasy warm-weather dessert to carry to these many celebrations, right? Well! I am here for you, dear readers! Who doesn’t love a strawberry (or raspberry, or blueberry, or mixed berry) creme pie? Better yet, one originally posted at The Pioneer Woman? Awwww yeeeaaahh.

So! This dessert starts, as so many do at my house, with almost-rotted fruit.

The original recipe uses raspberries, but these strawberries were leftover from a carton I bought to top a dark chocolate pie for another party. After a day or two of sitting in the fridge, I finally decided to turn these leftover berries into a pie before they became any slimier. And as I snapped that photo above, Mr. P wandered in the kitchen and noted, “Are you starting another blog post with rotten fruit? Your readers are going to think you never have anything but rotten fruit.”

Yes. Well. They’re a lot easier to mash when nearly rotted. So there.

P-Dub says to sprinkle three tablespoons of sugar over the raspberries, but that seemed like a lot for strawberries, which are sweeter. And anyway, I like berry pies to be on the tart side, so I sprinkled maybe a teaspoon of sugar over the strawberries.

You may also note there’s not a lot of berries there – nowhere near the 1 cup suggested. But that’s okay, because these are the real stars of the show.

One packet of instant vanilla pudding, two individual servings of yogurt (strawberry, duh), and one cup of heavy whipping cream. This is a Southern dessert, indeed. (And really, why hasn’t Kroger given me props for all the free product placement, hmm? It’s all Kroger-brand-this and that over here.)

I used my stand mixer to whisk the pudding (still powder! don’t turn it into actual pudding!) and yogurt together. Then, I mixed in the whipping cream on low until combined, then turned up the speed for a few minutes to create this delightfully fluffy base:

It’s a wonder that I didn’t just stick my whole face in the bowl and start eating. It’s that good.

Instead I gently folded in the mashed berries and white-balanced the photo properly:

The original source talks about making a crust from Oreos, and that’s nice and all, but we’re aiming for easy. So I got this.

I scraped the filling in the crust, popped it in the fridge overnight, and bam, a dessert fit for your next weekend celebration! So tasty, so creamy! So melty if you can’t wait the whole twelve hours to cut a slice and start eating it!

S’ok, it tastes delicious either way.


We don’t have just nearly-rotten fruit in Casa P. Oh no no no. We also have nearly-freezer-burnt fruit as well! And it, too, can be used to make this pie!

Don’t even have to thaw it. Just pulse in the food processor:

Then just pick a complimentary yogurt to go along with it (I think I chose mixed berry and strawberry-banana for this berry blend), blend in the pudding and whipping cream, and dump it in a ready-made pie crust!

So simple!

I hope that you have a chance to make this for an upcoming celebration! And remember, the fact that the weather is gorgeous and you have a free Friday night is reason enough to celebrate. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

The only thing missing from this that could possibly make it more Southern is Cool Whip. However, I'm sure it is most delicious without it.

Miles said...

Mmmm.. This is in my fridge setting right now. And, you better believe that I swirled cool whip on top :)

Sarah said...

Indeed, Rachel - the perfect Sunday potluck dessert for a Southern lady! And Bekah, please do let us know how the Cool Whip works out :)