01 May 2012

The new Casa P: Apartment tour, part 1

I left the subject of our new apartment after I told you last week which one Mr. P and I chose, but that’s not for lack of enthusiasm. No, it’s more about spreading out the goodness. I am so excited about this new apartment that it truly is my “happy place” while things are in crazy transition-time here. So let’s ignore the things that are currently freaking me out here at current Casa P and instead go together to that happy place on a little virtual apartment tour, shall we?

As I mentioned, I actually have a whole lot more photos of the new apartment, some of which I took myself, and some pulled from old listings. I shrunk all of the photos to the same size as the other apartments to be fair during House Hunters: Team P edition, but now I can show you the larger size, and tell you a little bit more about what I think about them!

So, let’s start with the exterior! Since I’m not showing the full exterior, you’ll just have to trust me that it’s quite a grand building. Our entrance, however, is a bit more modest than the swankily-tiled main entrance:

... but of course, “modest” is relative when it comes to this building. That’s still a pretty nice private entrance! I am fairly sure our boxwoods have never looked so perfectly groomed.

Just through that gate is where we can keep our grill, plus this back deck:

The deck is primarily the landlady’s, but I do think we could use it in advance-notice, with-permission situations if requested. As of now, we spend literally zero time hanging out on our own uncovered deck, so I don’t think we’ll miss the chance to hang out on this one.

(If you’re wondering, yes, that’s the deck that has since been stained in a project-after-my-own-heart. And yes, that’s one of our two new canine neighbors.)

After entering and heading upstairs, these glass French doors (original? not sure) are our main entrance:

That door just off the main entrance is our master bedroom, which I’ll tell you about later. And next to that door are these beautiful original cabinets that I showed you before:

But between those cabinets, and the fact that there’s a door on every wall in the foyer (to the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom, plus the main entrance and master bedroom, and even one on the ceiling, which leads to our vast storage space)...

I’m really not sure how to decorate this room. I don’t think it’s quite big enough for furniture in the middle without interrupting the flow of traffic, but there’s not a lot of wall space. There is one corner that seems like a potential reading nook, but I don’t know if we’d use that (and I’m opposed to decorating for form over function). I guess that’s a decorating challenge I’ll work out and tell you about later!

And the other space we’ll visit today is the living room, which you’ve already seen:

I didn’t even think to turn on the lights while we were there, so I didn’t notice the can lights, but now I am sort of enamored with them. I don’t even know why I love can lights because I don’t think they’re in style exactly, but they seem classy to me.

The living room looks out toward the front (I think) and has these great windows that are updated, but keep in the historic style.

Our landlady told us how she has these magnetic glass panels in there that make the windows double-pane glass for now, but also she has these magnetic screen panels that allow us to open the windows outward and get a nice breeze inside with the screens. I... do not entirely understand how that all works just yet. But perhaps I’ll show you later!

Anyway, like the foyer, the layout for the living room isn’t exactly intuitive for me, based on the position of the fireplace and the cable for the television. Fortunately, I found this photo in an older listing that gives us a sense of scale (I didn’t measure the rooms) and helps us with furniture layout ideas:

That layout isn’t not perfect – if it were me, I’d swap the position of the chairs and sofa, so the sofa doesn’t cut the seating area off from the door. But nevertheless, it’s an idea (and all-neutral to boot)! And it also shows that there is indeed space for a sectional, which is what I’m craving to replace the current sofa that Mr. P hates (and we will not be moving to the new place). A sectional would likely need to be modular to get up the stairs, but that just gives me more reason to peruse the IKEA website! EKTORP? KIVIK? SANDBY? Hmm.

So, what do you think so far, dear readers? It’s a departure from the current Casa P! But considering how frequently I open and stare at these photos while a freak-out over selling this house simmers beneath, I think it’s already starting to feel like our home.


Miranda said...

I am so excited for you guys! I can't believe you managed to score so much space. What's an appropriate amount of time to wait after someone moves before inviting yourself over? :)