02 May 2012

The new Casa P: Apartment tour, part 2

The tour of our new apartment in St. Louis continues today, with one of my favorite rooms in the new place! If you’ll recall, I really, really hoped we’d have an updated kitchen and bath. And fortunately I got that wish; our new apartment has a fantastically swanky kitchen. It’s a bit more “traditional” style than “modern”, with custom wood cabinets and dark appliances – perhaps not the white-cabinets, stainless-appliances that are trendy nowadays. But hey, it’s a century-old mansion. And it’s a gorgeous kitchen. Traditional works.

So let’s get to it! Again, the photos were pulled from publicly available listings, not sourced in order to protect our privacy. With that, here’s the view of the kitchen I showed you before:

Let’s list the things that make me happy about this photo, hmm? First: the crazy-tall ceilings. Second: the original (currently non-working) fireplace. Third: the glass-door cabinet storage over the fireplace. Fourth: the gas stove (gas stove OMG what do I do with it). Fifth: the double sink. And sixth: the fact that the cabinets face a huge bay window, and between the cabinets and the window, there’s secret storage and/or a plant shelf. I can stash our bread machine and grow basil!

Six things to love in just one photo! To be fair, I’ll say what I don’t love: I don’t love the green, on the counters AND floors AND fireplace. It’s certainly not bad, just that it feels like a lot of green to this neutral-lover. I also don’t love the somewhat awkwardly-carpeted eat-in portion of the kitchen, partly because I don’t love carpet in general, and also because I am certainly going to spill something all over it. Something red, probably. And something capable of impenetrable stains. Gah.

Here’s what the other side of the kitchen looks like:

There is, in fact, a dishwasher in the corner – thank goodness the room is bright to make up for the black appliances, dark cabinets, and dark green floors and countertops! Oh, and I think the countertops are just laminate, not granite/stone/whatever. Is it just me, or are granite countertops overrated? Maybe because I’ve never had them? In any case, I’m accustomed to the low-maintenance of laminate, so I’m happy with them. (And if I’m remembering incorrectly – if they are granite/stone/whatever – I’ll let you know!)

You may also notice that because of the bay window (which I luurrrrrrve), there’s not a ton of upper cabinet space. But that is fine. Do you know why that’s fine? Well, look on through the doorway there. Go on.

That is a butler’s pantry, dear readers. Complete with extra cabinet storage, another sink, and the false impression that I am a cocktail-swilling socialite.

But wait, there’s more! Remember how I said this place was brimming with storage? Well, there’s also a regular pantry in the kitchen, too!

Not the best photo, but you can still see that there’s drawer storage on one side, open space on the bottom of the other side, and shelves above (perhaps 10” deep? more? less?). So, between this pantry, the butler’s pantry, and the glass-door cabinet over the fireplace, I’m sure that we’ll be fine despite having few actual cabinets in the kitchen.

So what does this place look like in action? Well, again, I found an old listing of this place with photos taken when furnished:

Despite the green overload? I love it. Perhaps my style is more traditional, after all!

The table in the photo above isn’t that big, but it’s the same size as our dining table if I take the leaves out of it. So, for now I’m thinking we’ll just keep our dining table in here – especially if it fits with the leaves still in it, too.

If we do that, that means that this room, with its freaking gorgeous transom windows (no I am still not over the transom windows gah I love them...

... won’t be used for its intended purpose, which is as a dining room! A large dining room, capable of holding an eight-seater dining table. Goodness.

I think we’ll probably use this room as an office... but I’m not going to make any final decisions on what furniture goes where until we’re moved in and figuring out what feels right to us. Maybe we don’t need an office! Maybe we need a sitting area in the kitchen! Maybe we need a dining space in the living room! Okay, none of those things will probably happen, but I’m still trying to keep my mind open to any possibility that makes the space more livable for us.

For now, it makes sense that we could use this room as an office, because it’s actually not attached to the kitchen. Plus this room doesn’t have any doors, so it doesn’t work as a bedroom (despite the closet). So I’m thinking office, which allows us have a dedicated guest room and master bedroom – and those, I’ll show you tomorrow!


Tina said...

Love that dining table and chairs - wishing they came furnished for you...