10 May 2012

Team P goes to prom

Even though it’s still non-stop house-selling-drama here at Casa P, I decided to take a quick break from the house-to-market projects today. But I’m still going to show you a before-and-after, and it involves... prom! Yes, exactly the sort of prom you think I mean. Intrigued?

I told you a little about our prom-going habit here, but the gist is, Mr. P and I have gone to his high school’s prom together every year since 2007. That’s six proms! And every year, we dress up in full prom regalia. Mr. P even wears a tux!

The first two proms we attended were held at the Opryland Hotel, though the first photo was taken at a local university by sweet friend Lil’ C. In that first photo? We are going to prom as “just friends”. Ha!

Since 2009, the prom has been held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in downtown Nashville. And it is an event, you guys.

But before we headed there, Lil’ C and her boyfriend took photos of us at the Parthenon, because unbeknownst to me, Mr. P would propose later that night.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story: he proposed after prom, in a park, and furthermore I didn’t suspect a thing. We were dressed up and going out to eat and dance only because it’s prom, duh! Even the flowers he brought me beforehand were just for prom!

That sneaky, clever man, Mr. P is.

The next two years we ate takeout at home before heading out to prom, but we still dressed to the nines:

Which brings me to this year! So, where’s the before and after? Well, less than two hours before we needed to leave for prom, I was trying to finish painting the stupid deck. And so I looked like this.

Not very photogenic or red-carpet-worthy (oh yes, their prom has a red carpet). And the photo doesn’t fully convey how gross I truly looked. Paint everywhere, you guys. I even had it smudged on my face.

But two hours later... the after!

Sure, the dress is a repeat of 2010 (thanks to my great dress purge), but still. I can paint a deck and clean up well! Booyah!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also show you the flowers that Mr. P brought me this year. Gerbera daises, just like the night he proposed. Aww, that guy.

This was sadly our last prom at Mr. P’s current school, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. P can get a job at a school in STL with a prom that’s just as fun so the tradition can continue.

Happy formal season, everyone!