14 May 2012

To market we... went

There came a point just a few weeks ago where we’d finished all the house-sprucing, and all I could do was sit around the house and wait for things like listing papers and marketing photos to be ready. So I did what any unemployed person who just finished earning a Ph.D would do: I researched like crazy to find out what to do next. It’s all I knew to do! And it gave me the illusion that I was working on getting the house sold!

Unfortunately, I’d already learned all there was to know about having a house on the market. Put your stuff away, make the bed, vacuum regularly. Not exactly inspiring. Plus, the stories from the popular shelter bloggers who’d sold their home were just disheartening. Not only did the couples at YHL and A Humbled Abowed sell their homes by owner, Amanda at AHB got an offer in twelve days. Twelve days! And there was no silver bullet, just advice was everything I already knew! Ugh. Useless.

Despite some sweet reassurances from you, dear readers, I just knew my experience would be so much more difficult. No sold-in-twelve-days story from me, no! I’d be sharing the trials and tribulations of having a house on the market with you! About how I vacuumed regularly, and made the bed daily, and kept my fingers crossed constantly, with no offer in sight.

But instead... I am disheartening. I am useless.

As I sneakily mentioned on Friday, our house is already under contract, after just a few days on the market. Here’s how it went down: our house went into the MLS late on Friday the 4th, we had a showing on Sunday the 6th, we had an offer on Tuesday the 8th, and we accepted the offer the next day. You’ll have to forgive me for not running to the blog and letting you know immediately, but you see, my head was spinning.

To add to the crazy, I originally had predicted the closing would be a month to six weeks after going under contract, meaning that the best-case scenario would be to close in mid-June. I honestly expected July, or even August. But, we are closing June 1, provided the inspection and appraisal and walk-through go well. And thank goodness we signed the lease on our St. Louis apartment for June 1! So much for paying rent and mortgage simultaneously, eh?

I’m thrilled and stunned and grateful and anxious. I feel like I’ve been walking around like this:

It’s as if the universe yanked the rug out from under me, only to let me fall into a wonderfully comfy chair. It’s better than where I was, but I’m totally startled and not sure how I got here.

You may be wondering if the reason our home sold so quickly was because it was priced too low. The short answer is no. The long answer is, it’s impossible to know for sure if we could have gotten more, as I have not yet perfected the ability to travel to a parallel universe where we asked for a higher price. But I do know we definitely sold it for a fair market price, at one of the highest prices per square foot in our neighborhood. Our asking price was more than I thought we’d get, and yet the deal still went more quickly than I could have ever hoped at just under asking price.

Really, I think it comes down to this: no matter how good the deal is in real estate, there’s this tendency to feel like you’re doing it wrong. If it sits on the market forever, you’re doing it wrong; if it sells quickly, you’re doing it wrong. Begone, naysayers. I think our house was perfectly priced for what it is, and we got lucky with the perfect buyer in the perfect about of time. Very, very lucky.

So! As I’d planned, I’ll fill you in on all the projects that we did to get the house ready for market – true, the offer came quickly, but it took forever to get to market. Along the way I’ll keep you posted on the pending sale, especially if we hit any roadblocks (please please please keep your fingers crossed for an easy-peasy home inspection). And ultimately I’ll share with you why I think the house got an offer so quickly (other than sheer luck) and how to make that work for you, too.

All right, dear readers. That’s what went down. High five!


Rachel said...

So, so happy for you!

Miranda said...

Yay! And I never had the thought that your price was too low. I just thought you have an awesome house that you have decorated beautifully, and anyone that went in it would want to buy it.

Maria A de W :) said...

YOWZA! I am not surprised your beautiful home sold so quickly! So happy for you and David. I hope things continue to go smoothly. I hope you enjoyed commencement on Friday. HUGS!

Laura S said...

I'll tell you why your home sold so quickly. It's because you've done such an incredible job renovating and decorating, that's why!

Clay said...

Congrats! I'm sure the inspection will turn very little, at worst.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!

Miranda and Laura, I remember walking into some beautiful homes when I was house shopping years ago, but I didn't want them. This one just spoke to me for some weird reason (the decor wasn't even my style). So that's what had been scaring me - I know there are beautiful houses that people don't necessarily want, for whatever reason!

Clay - well, now you've gone and jinxed it :)