24 May 2012

Year one

Hey, guess what happened yesterday?

Happy birthday, blog! I made you a pretend cake.

Indeed, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the first post on this blog! Back then I had a lot of creative energy to expend on a train commute. Since then, the creativity has waxed and waned and repeated that cycle a few times as I finished my thesis and graduated and sold our house and, almost, moved to a new city.

Who knew I could keep it up? Not me. To be honest, I’m still not sure that I can. Which makes this milestone all the more surprising! I didn’t bother to think up any kind of fancy celebration because I didn’t know if I’d ever make it to one year, especially with the crazy life changes lately.

I think a lot, more than I like to admit, about why I invest so much time and energy in this project. I’m not sure if there is one all-encompassing reason, to be honest with you. But I do know that I like being able to share ideas/help/entertain you dear readers. I like working my creative writing muscles and trying to develop a unique writing voice that reflects my personality. I like taking photos and having the pressure to constantly improve (because other, better photographers will see them), and I like having a reason to learn new ways to use Adobe Creative Suite to edit my photos.

And really, I like looking back on what we’ve accomplished. I did a big end-of-year recap post last December, so I’ll direct you to that for now... and, uh, catch up on the last five months since the new year... later.

In the meantime, here are some stats:

Blog posts to date: 274
Time spent writing/editing each post, including photos: more than 1 hour
Saturday posts: 9 (six days a week? That was totally not sustainable)
Weekdays without a post: 0
Photos on the blog to date: 1576
Favorite blog-reading time for you dear readers: 7:00 - 9:00 AM (enjoying your coffee?)
Number of months my sidebar-description has been out-of-date: 6 (BUT JUST YOU WAIT, I have plans)
Most popular posts to date:
DIY: stenciled canvas art
My favorite things: RITVA curtains
The Chicagoland chronicles: IKEA!
DIY: vanity refinish
DIY: laundry closet redo: the big reveal

So happy birthday, blog! I’m sorry you’re getting a belated birthday card but – lemme be honest – it’s been a hard few weeks. Getting an offer is the first obstacle in selling a house, but it is sooo not the last. Also: moving. And a septillion other things that have caused me to push blogging to the back burner many days recently, making it something I do after midnight when I’m exhausted and practically holding my eyelids open with packing tape.

But it’s just on the back burner. I refuse to take it off the stove because dang it, I finish my projects. I don’t know when this one will be done, but it’s not yet. Thanks for hanging around this project in progress!


Tina said...

Yay, You! Please don't stop! Some Sat. & Sun. are hardly getting up for - not really, but I do miss the reading with the coffee. And this does provide a real link with you for me... one that is going to have to stretch even further very soon... Love you!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Redheaded Stepchild!

Rachel C said...

Happy Birthday! Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning after my email. And it's always one of my favorites. I hope you keep blogging for a long time. I am so excited to read about all your new, exciting adventures in St Louis!

Miranda said...

That's totally my favorite reading time, but for me its kids-are-either-at-school-or-too-busy-eating-breakfast-to-harass-me-so-I-get-a-minute time. :)

Christal said...

I love love love your blog. :-)

Laura said...

I love it, too! In fact, now that we've bought a house, practically every other sentence out of my mouth is, "Mrs. P. says that on her blog we can blah blah blah..."

Sarah said...

Aww, thanks everyone! It's a joy each and every time someone comments, and you're all too kind. Here's hoping the adventures in St. Louis are blog-worthy!

Laura, since we've now just switched places (owning to renting and vice versa), I may have to take on projects vicariously through you :)