07 June 2012

The Adventure of the Empty House

Whew, yesterday was a lot of words, eh? Let’s balance out the universe with a photo overload today.

As I mentioned, Mr. P and I had a doozy of a moving day, because there is no other type of DIY moving day. Not only were up way too late the night before, Mr. P then got us up at four flippin’ thirty in the AM the day of our move. As soon as we were up, we had to hit the ground running with the many random things we had left to accomplish before heading out. Ostensibly that’s why we got up so early, but in actuality we were barely sleeping anyway. Oh, nerves.

Fortunately, between the packing and last-minute vacuuming and leaving a note with our forwarding address and making sure we’d removed the garage door openers from our cars and ensuring any papers required at closing were in my bag and checking email because who knows when we’d have internet again and and and EVERYTHING ELSE: I had a few quiet moments to take some photos.

It’s true; furniture makes the rooms look bigger. I didn’t believe it because it seemed so counterintuitive, but there you have it.

You may notice that I left behind my beloved RITVA curtains. Apparently it’s now traditional to leave draperies with the sale of a house, which seems dumb to me. I wanted to take them with me, but ultimately gave them up in negotiations. She better enjoy them! Ehh, whatever. The total cost of all the drapes I left was far under $100, and I can always get more RITVAs.

Oh, master closet. After spending the past few days cramming all our possessions into four teeny turn-of-the-previous-century-sized closets in our new apartment, I miss you dearly.

I did negotiate to keep the silver curtains from the office, though. No way I was letting my $5 heat-and-bond beauties go.

I also took my extra-long shower curtain. Not that we need a shower curtain in the new place. I just like it too much to leave it.

We left a ridiculous amount of stuff under the landing in the garage... probably more than necessary. Most of it did need to stay with the house, like extra faux-window panes and hardwood floors and wall paint. But there was also some wood stains for various non-house-specific projects, and the garden hose, and potting soil... oh well. I was so totally over packing and could not muster the tiniest amount of caring about that stuff by that point, so hey, free stuff, new homeowner!

It actually wasn’t as sad or shocking to see the house empty as I thought it would be. Part of it is because I bought it empty, of course (Mr. P never saw it that way), but also because in the course of painting and rearranging, I’ve seen every room nearly empty in the last year or two. Seeing the rooms empty was just... closure.

It was goodbye.

(And yes, the post title is totally a Sherlock reference. 2013 cannot come soon enough.)