04 June 2012

Meet me in St. Louis

We made it!

That’s right, Mr. P and I have officially moved out of our little Nashville house and in to our new apartment in St. Louis. Overall, it was a relatively uneventful move, which is to say that no one thing went horribly wrong and yet the whole experience was fairly unpleasant. Which is pretty standard for moving, yes?

For one, the house became chaotic while packing. Unfortunately I only snapped photos when it was mildly bad, just to document how empty it was becoming and how sad that made me:

It became much, much worse, of course, when I was too busy to even think about taking photos. But considering that the house was immaculate for several weeks, even the mess in the photos above drove me bonkers.

We did luck out with a nice, newer model moving truck, which was nice (you never know if you’ll draw the short straw and get an old clunker of a truck). Plus, Mr. P’s engineering friend helped us pack the truck in an impeccably efficient way. But, it did rain a bit the night before while we were loading the moving truck, which meant we couldn’t load the mattresses until 5AM the morning of closing, which is when we found out that we could just barely shove them in the space allotted for them, and only if I wedged myself in the truck with all of our belongings pressing down on top of me to help push it in. That was.... upsetting.

But as for the drive, it wasn’t bad. I found it rather amusing that I could communicate with Mr. P (in his car) and his friend (driving the moving truck) solely with turn signals and flashing headlights for five hours. All was well until we got to our new city and found that the interstate nearest our apartment was completely shut down by rush hour on Friday afternoon. WHO DOES THAT. BECAUSE THAT WAS INSANE.

But we’re here, thank goodness! And our stuff is up here on the third floor as well, intact and undamaged. Even Mr. P’s aquarium made it without a single fishy casualty! Which was no small feat, as our apartment is at the top of five sets of these:

Mr. P, his friend, and I nearly killed ourselves trying to get boxes upstairs after we arrived Friday afternoon. Fortunately, we’d hired movers for the following morning, and they conquered the rest in what I must say were astonishing displays of strength. I mean, who insists on loading up the drawers of a dresser with heavy boxes so they can carry it all up in single trip?! This company, right here. Ask for Tracy and Charlie. They are unreal.

Whew. So now our biggest worries are the boxes everywhere, furniture pushed up against random walls, and NO INTERNET ACCESS. Relatively small concerns compared to recent weeks, but the no-internet thing is killing me, you guys. That’s why this morning’s post was late, if you hadn’t guessed. Fingers crossed that it can be resolved soonish (our landlady’s on it!), because driving to our family’s house or sitting in cafes to get online is not a sustainable way to maintain a blog.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying exploring the new neighborhood. It’s strange to not be a Nashvillian anymore, I admit. But on Saturday, Mr. P, his friend, and I walked to a neighborhood institution for brunch just a half mile away. Along the way we stopped in a shop to check out antique globes. And then I went grocery shopping and discovered that they sell wine in grocery stores here.

It’s been quite the journey already, and it’s only just begun.


Tina said...

So glad you were able to post this morning!!! Also, so happy to see the stair-well picture. Despite everything you've told us about the house/mansion and the grand staircase within the house, somehow the stairs relegated for y'all's use were pictured in my mind straight out of CSI. And now they are not. :-)

Rachel C said...

Congrats on the move. I am glad everything went well and I can't wait to here about your adventures. Enjoy your new home!