13 June 2012

The new Casa P: one week later

Hey! Soooo.... it’s been over a week... wanna see our new apartment? Yes? I hope so, because we haven’t had a photo dump yet this week, and it’s high time! I’ve been trying to take photos of our new adventures here, and that includes photos around our new Casa P. And I’ve kept them from you long enough, eh?

Here’s the deal: just as we got all the boxes in, I found the scissors to start opening a box to start unpacking... but then put the scissors down, got my camera, and snapped photos of the whole apartment before a single box was opened. It took us a week, but we finally unpacked all of them!

Then I took photos of every room again, which are today’s “after” photos. Not “after” overall, of course! There’s nothing on the walls, the furniture doesn’t feel right in every room, some things are still missing a place, and... to be honest... I didn’t even clean up for you. I’m sorry! But hopefully you can still see our progress.

Let’s start in the living room! Before, with the futon’s lovely view of cardboard boxes and unused rugs...

And after:

A little forlorn without proper living room furniture, but cozy enough for now!

Another view before:

And after:

Why yes, the television WAS one of the first things we set up. Even before internet!

Although the very first thing we set up was the beds. Here’s our master bedroom hours after moving in:

And today:

Rumpled-y, but I’ve got time to make it shine.

Another of the master bedroom before:

That pile on the dresser was made up of basically every towel and blanket we own. We used them in place of furniture pads in the moving truck. A handful of things did get permanent dark smudges, but no tears, fortunately.

And today everything is washed and put away:

Our friend who helped us move needed a place to sleep too, so the guest room couldn’t stay like this:

So the bed was set up right away, and I spent the rest of the week getting the room a little spruced up:

The other side of the room was a mess of boxes:

And this after I’m really proud of, because emptying those boxes was a lot of work:

I only realized the other day that we don’t have a single full-length mirror in this place, so that’s my make-it-work substitute for now!

After beds got set up, the very first room I unpacked was the kitchen:

It took days, you guys. Partly because we have a lot of stuff, but also because I insisted on unwrapping every item and re-folding every bit of packing paper to save for the next move. It was a ton of paper, and... more than a little OCD on my part. But only ONE item got broken (a cheap glass vase that I didn’t wrap very carefully), and we have three – count ‘em, three – large boxes of packing paper and bubble wrap for the next time we move.

Oh yeah, the room. Behold!

The glass cabinet holds all our, well, glass. Glass that survived the move, booyah!

Moving on, here’s our butler’s pantry right after moving in:

And here it is today:

Well, not literally today, because I have since found the Little Italy section of St. Louis with markets that sell imported Italian wine for $3.50 a bottle. So... yeah, the wine rack is stocked now.

Finally, our not-dining-room-furniture-catch-all-room before:

And today, our still-not-a-dining-room-mostly-an-office-I-guess:

We need to purchase some shelves for this room (and others), the boxes on the left will go to Mr. P’s classroom once some smart school district decides to employ him, and the rest of the furniture will go... somewhere. Still working on it.

So that’s mostly where we are today! Saying the apartment is a work in progress feels like a massive understatement, but hey, it’s only been a week. I’ll keep you posted as we continue to make it our own!


Tina said...

oh wow - the space you have! good progress! and you've found time to do some shopping, too ;-)

Rachel C said...

I love the new apartment! I can't wait to see how to turn it into the new Casa P!