01 June 2012

Photo Friday #49: farewell

The moving truck’s full (mostly), the cars are loaded (mostly), and our suitcases are packed (well, hopefully by the time you read this). Today Mr. P and I leave the home we made together and move on to a new adventure. I’m so looking forward to the experiences to come that I sometimes forget to be nostalgic about the lovely life we’ve had here.

So, here. Here is one of the things I’ll miss, one of many many things that I don’t let myself think about too long lest I become sad. I’ll miss the hydrangeas as big as my head that bloomed in my very own front yard.

It’s been fun, little house. Thank you.


Rachel said...

I just teared up a little for you! I know you're so excited, though, about your new adventure.

Christal said...

Safe travels!