29 June 2012

Photo Friday #53: three hundred

Mr. P’s former roommate is a roadie currently on tour, so when his show came to St. Louis last Sunday, he got us comped tickets and backstage wristbands. Despite not knowing most of the songs, Mr. P and I spent the evening dancing at the concert, wandering around backstage, hanging out with the band and crew on the tour bus, and ultimately staying up until 4AM! Wooo, rock star life!

We had fun, but now I’m paying for the one night of fun with a week’s worth of crippling insomnia. It’s like I said, “Take that, Case of The Olds!” and it was all, “Oh yeah? SLEEP PATTERNS OF A EIGHTY-YEAR-OLD, BAM.”

In other news, dear readers, today marks the 300th post here on the blog. Three hundred! And because in the past I’ve taken relevant photos for 100 and 200, I really wanted to stage a sort of ”THIS IS SPARTA!”-type photo for 300, and I was almost positive I could convince Mr. P to play along to take the photo if I could figure out the execution of the shot, which, you guys, looks totally funny and witty in my head.

Or... maybe that just seems like a great idea because of the sleep deprivation? Wristband photo it is, then.


Miles said...

So fun! I love colbie caillat!

Woot for 300 posts; keep 'em coming :)