26 July 2012

Finally, a trellis rug of my own

Once upon a time, before I particularly cared about decorating our house, Pottery Barn sold a patterned rug called “Moorish Tile”. It was a lovely trellised pattern and everyone loved it and they promptly discontinued it.

And then I started caring about décor, long after an actual Moorish Tile rug could be found anywhere but eBay. So I pined from afar and wished I had cared a bit more about floor coverings in 2008.

Every once in a while, I’d google around for the Moorish Tile rug, note its total unavailability, and sigh over love lost. But one day I came across this post, directing me to Rugs USA. There I found several rugs similar to the Moorish Tile, especially this one. 100% wool? Free shipping? I made a mental note.

Just a few days later, Sarah at TDC suddenly wrote about the exact same rug I was eyeing, albeit in a different color, and offering a giveaway. I didn’t win, but I did note that my new favorite rug was now 35% off – and Sarah had given it a great review, in addition to the other good reviews on the website. I underlined my mental note, and maybe drew a few stars around it.

About a week later, on a whim, I “visited” this rug that was quickly becoming the object of my affection... and discovered on the website that it was 75% off. A 100% wool, 5x8 rug for just over a hundred dollars?! What the what?!

I paced around whimpering and wringing my hands because we did not need a rug and yet I wanted this rug and this is totally a sign, right, Mr. P? That I should get it?

He told me that yes, I should get it.

Immediately after I ordered it, I continued to pace around wringing my hands, because there is no way I just got that rug for $350 off. But despite my misgivings that I’d been duped, my new rug arrived in the midst of our wedding travels. I couldn’t wait to come home and roll it out. Behold!

Right now it’s in our office-turned-whatever-room, but it might end up in the living room. The scale of the pattern will work in either room, I think. Unfortunately I didn’t take a wide-angle photo to show you how it fills up the room, because the rest of the room has random piles everywhere. But here’s my hand for reference to the size of the pattern, because by now I guess you’ve learned I have normal-sized hands and also can’t be bothered to find a ruler.

The pile was more “nubbly” than I expected, but it’s definitely soft and cushy, especially for a wool rug. There’s enough wooly scratchiness that I don’t, like, rub my face into it for fun. But it’s a lovely texture.

Because it was a great price, I didn’t feel too bad about buying something trendy (is trellis still even a trend, or is it too five-years-ago to be trendy?). And the low price also meant that I didn’t feel obligated to buy something neutral that would last forever and ever and ever – which is why I went for blue. BLUE! Me, buying a large décor item that isn’t beige! All kinds of ca-razy stuff going on in this new apartment!

I’ve visited the Rugs USA site a few times since I ordered my rug in the hopes that I could catch another 75% off sale for you guys. Unfortunately this particular rug is, in fact, now sold out and backordered, which is the opposite of helpful. But there are others marked down 75% off right now! Go, go visit! And happy rug-hunting!

(Obviously this isn’t a sponsored post for Rugs USA because I don’t have a sweet giveaway for you guys. I just like a good deal and wanted to point you in the same direction!)


Rachel C said...

Wow! I am jealous of your rug steal! Our living room currently has a decent, ok looking 5x8 rug that I got from Lowes on clearance for $60, but I want to upgrade it to something prettier. This would have been perfect! Oh the jealousy!

Tina said...

It's so pretty! It appears to be grey-blue and will work as a neutral, I betcha... Glad you got a real deal!

Miranda said...

So pretty!

Mary Beth said...

I bookmarked Rugs USA for when I move into Alan's grown up house! GREAT website - thanks!

Miles said...

Jealous to the max! I love a good deal AND I love that rug; awesome.

Sarah said...

You guys YOU GUYS! I was wrong; there are several colors of this pattern available AND THEY ARE 75% off. The green, light green, and cream ones all look lovely! Go for it! Here's the linky-loo: http://www.rugsusa.com/rugsusa/rugs/rugs-usa-moroccan-trellis/charcoal/200HJHK03A-36056.html

Miles said...

I'm sending you a BIG, HUGE hug right now!! So excited!! I got charcoal :)