06 July 2012

Photo Friday #54: nice day for a Wisconsin wedding

Heeey, guess where we were last week!

Ohh, so close! We were in Madison. Unless you vaguely guessed Wisconsin, in which case, how could you tell? Was it the place cards? The state outline on the table “number”? The little Wisconsin-shaped chocolate?

Last weekend, we got to celebrate as a very nice young man married Mr. P’s “baby” sister (as he calls her, despite the fact that she and I are, like, weeks apart in age). And it was quite the party – exactly what I’d hoped for when Mr. P’s sister got engaged last year, hours after I lamented that we had no upcoming weddings.

(In case you are still confused, all the tables were named after Wisconsin cities. The bride and groom sat at the Madison table, because it is most special, duh. Hey, there they are, in the background! Yay, them!)

So last week: Wisconsin. Today we’re back in Tennessee for another wedding. And next week? LONDON WEDDING. So yeah, I think I got that wish.