11 July 2012

STL adventures: Independence Day parade

Yes, yes, the Independence Day holiday was a week ago, a whole seven days. I know. But before July 4, 2012 is a distant memory, I wanted to share some photos from our first Independence Day in our new city!

As you know – and may have experienced – many fireworks shows were cancelled in our drought-ridden part of the country. So we didn’t manage to see a live fireworks show, but we did get a huge dose of Americana in the form of a holiday parade! We joined Mr. P’s aunt and uncle, who live just outside St. Louis, in a shady spot for their local parade.

There was my personal favorite, the marching band:

(Left on 1, guys! Left! Roll your feet! GUIDE RIGHT!)

I also enjoyed this jazz band, even if they weren’t marching:

Every good parade needs a float, and while there weren’t a ton of floats in this parade, I liked this one:

There was lots of standard parade fare, like cheerleaders...

Veterans (SO MANY VETERANS, even for a patriotic holiday)...


And beauty queens! Including some that probably wanted to throttle whoever came up with the velvet-robe-on-a-convertible-in-100-degree-temps idea:

She’s radiant nonetheless, eh?

There were also a few parade stunts I’d never seen before. Apparently one street in this neighborhood organizes, choreographs, and performs a synchronized lawn chair routine in the parade each year:

If synchronized lawn-chair-dancing isn’t your idea of a good time, there were also synchronized swimmers:

(I love their shirts. Don’t you love their shirts? Patriotic, even!)

And finally, there was an appearance by the Greater St. Louis Ghostbusters:

I don’t know exactly what they would do if you called them, but they did seem to have some snazzy equipment?

Even without fireworks, it was a super fun way to spend the Independence Day holiday! I’d never been to a parade in Nashville – none at all! – so I’m glad that this is a new St. Louis tradition we’ve started. Although sometimes no matter where we go, or how much we are enjoying life in a new city, there’s a reminder of Nashville...


Tina said...

The pink cowgirl hat made me cry... but I lol at the sychronized-lawn-chair dancing. I think I would pay to see that! Well, at least once.;-)