24 July 2012

The one thing missing, found

I have a secret, you guys.

And I have been keeping this secret for TWO WEEKS.

It was hard, because it’s really good news. Really! So good! But when you’ve promised to honor someone all the days of your life, you have to keep his secrets. That’s how marriage works! That and emptying the dishwasher when you don’t want to because you know the other person doesn’t want to even more.

But now the i's are dotted and the t’s are crossed and I can tell you: Mr. P has a job in St. Louis!!!!1!1111eleventy!!!!!!!

Mr. P is a lifelong learner but more than that, he’s a born teacher. And you guys, he is one of the best math teachers ever (seriously, he was awarded a plaque that says that a few years ago... possibly because I launched a campaign in his favor, BUT STILL). It’s a job that requires a special sort of person who enjoys both math AND teenagers, which is not me and almost certainly not you, either. But teaching high school math is Mr. P’s passion, his calling, his vocation. And the fact that he left his sweet math-teaching job in Nashville so I could advance my career here in St. Louis is something I am grateful for every single day. Every single day he didn’t have a teaching job here? The guilt, OH, THE GUILT.

But now! Not only does he now have a teaching position for the fall, the job is at one of the best schools in St. Louis. Dare I say... a better school than his old school in Nashville? At least, it’s very different: public vs. Catholic, coed vs. all boys, different size, different subjects, etc. etc. So any well-wishes for preparation that you can send his way are welcome. I mean, you and I know he’s going to rock it, but it can’t hurt to send good vibes anyway.

There’s more good news! This:

...can be moved to his new classroom and will no longer take up a wall of the dining-room-turned-office-turned-junk-collection-room!

High fives all around!


Rachel C said...

Congrats Mr. P!!!!

Tina said...

I slept so good last night! Thank you, David for being true to your word - I really believe in your goodness and it's own inherent rewards... But this outstanding tangible result of your hard work and sacrifice is a bonus prize for all of us who respect and believe in you! From the outside looking in, this truly was the one thing missing... I hope finding it brings unforeseen happiness & satifaction in your career!

Miles said...

Perfect! Congrats team P!

Mary Beth said...

That is such great news! Love that things are going so well for you guys in Saint Lewey :)

Heather D. said...

Ha! Just be glad he isn't an elementary teacher! I have stuff for teaching kindergarten, first, and second grade in our basement. Only part of it will go with me to third grade this year. Congrats to David!