22 August 2012

DIY to-do: the red desk

On my way back from Woods Hole this past weekend, I had a realization: with any luck, Mr. P and I are entering a state of normalcy. We aren’t selling a house. We aren’t relocating to a new city. We aren’t setting up a new apartment, or starting new jobs, or traveling far away every other week. For the next several months, we should spend most of our time at home and working in our jobs like normal people.

You guys, we haven’t had that luxury since January. I am thrilled!

And the last time I was in a wonderfully even routine? I remodeled practically our whole house. So here’s hoping that my creative mojo – and some free time – make a reappearance around here soon!

I’m already staring down a huge list of projects, so I thought I’d let you in on a few of them as I plan out my vision. And first up is this desk.

It’s been around the block, that desk. My Grandma picked it up at a yard sale for, I believe, two dollars. My mom painted it blue and white sponge-painted (OH YES SHE DID) for my bedroom when I was a teenager. When I moved to my first apartment in Nashville, she painted it red and glazed it for my new home. The red desk resided in the corner of my MAROON BEDROOM when I moved into my old house (and obviously didn’t care a bit about complementing the furniture and wall colors). When Mr. P moved in with his furniture, the desk got sent back to live in my mother’s shed.

And finally, when we moved to this monster-sized apartment and Mr. P commandeered my old desk with a matching monster-sized cinema display monitor, I begged my mother to bring back the two-dollar yard sale desk once again. I hope to make it “my” desk in our office (which, yes, actually has plenty of room for two desks. And a futon and some bookshelves and I know, we are so lucky.)

It’s needing some help nowadays, though. Though my mom did a good job glazing it, I am now SO OVER the red. It’s much brighter than it appears in the photo above – it’s more like this.

So I’m thinking a coat of paint is in order... but I’m stumped on the color. A basic white would work for now, sure (especially since the inside of the drawer has to be painted too, and white would work for that). And I have a can of paint to get working on it when I find myself with free time one weekend.

But maybe I should go for something more dramatic or fun? A blue to match the new rug? An apple green for a pop of color? Gray or black or blingified with silver leaf?

The thing to consider is, as with all rooms: this desk doesn’t function in a design vacuum. It has to work with wood-tone furniture (that I don’t want to paint) and a brown and gold chandelier. So while I love the silver leaf idea, I’m not sure it will work in here... and besides, I am married to a man that would almost certainly think that idea is ridiculous.

So, I’m working on a mood board for this room before taking immediate action. Suggestions welcome! And while I do that, I’m also taking into account the many projects around the desk...

A chair to recover with some undiscovered fun fabric, frames leaning against the wall that need a perfect spot on the wall, boxes to stack on the shelves I can envision but have yet to purchase/construct, and a nice big empty space above the wall just calling for some awesome, currently unknown art. Sounds like it’s project time this weekend, eh?


Rachel C said...

Since you can't paint the walls (at least for now), I think you should paint the desk a fun, bright color. Maybe yellow or aqua. Either would work with your blue-gray rug but it could add a fun element.

And yes, apparently I think you should go all YHL with your second house and do bright pops of color instead of sticking with straight neutrals. :-)

Mary Beth said...

Apple green!! Or Aqua! Love pops of color :)

Sarah said...

Rachel, I must confess... I wasn't a fan of YHL when they first moved into their house and covered everything in "Sue the Napkin" colors. I love neutrals too much! But have you noticed... they've backed off from the crazy color a bit? Like they've ended up painting nearly every room light gray (including repainting the turquoise master bedroom)? A lot of the new furniture (sectional, ottoman, dining room chair slipcovers, kitchen armchair) have all gone neutral? Besides the wall color, stools, and some accessories, the kitchen is all-neutral. And some of the brighter-colored things (the master bedroom duvet, the color-block-art over the sectional) have gone by the wayside, too. Obviously it's their house and my opinion doesn't really matter, but as a neutral-lover, I'm glad they are finding their way back to their roots. Neutrals are just beautiful!

Not to say I don't like a pop of color here or there! Yellow's too far out of my comfort zone and maybe would look icky with the pinky-beige walls. But aqua and green are sounding do-able for this project! I can always repaint it white, right? ;)

Rachel C said...

I was thinking the exact same thing about YHL the other day!! Especially when they let it slip that they are considering repainting the kitchen. And don't worry - I wasn't a fan of the new decorating either. (I actually think Sue the Napkin is ugly. Sorry YHL!!) but as they have migrated back to neutrals with pops of color (the bedroom rug, the dining room curtains and build-ins), I've started seeing the light and I enjoy the look. I think it could work for you. :-) If nothing else, it could be fun to try!