13 August 2012

My favorite apartment things #1 and #2

As I mentioned on Friday, this entire week I’m traveling for work – or as I like to call it, Nerd Camp. So because free time for blogging is basically nil, and because I feel like home-y posts have been few and far between during all this traveling, I thought I’d spend this week writing little posts about little things I love in our apartment.

Little thing #1: Dimmer switches

Remember when I installed a dimmer switch in our old house? Remember when I sung the praises of dimmers and how incredibly awesome they are? Well guess what.

Every single light switch – save for two – in this apartment is on a dimmer switch. That means the kitchen, living room, entryway, office, both bedrooms, even the butler’s pantry are on dimmer switches. In three of those rooms, there are two separate switches for two types of lighting (i.e. a chandelier and can lighting on separate switches), and they are both on dimmers. The only lights that aren’t? The kitchen pantry and the bathroom. I can live with that.

Little thing #2: Can lights

There are several light fixtures in this apartment that I like, and several that I’d replace in a heartbeat if I could. But my favorite of all of them are the simple can lights, which we have in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, entryway. Which, with dimmers, look awesome.

Apparently can lights are totally energy inefficient, but... I’ll say it. They’re so pretty that it’s hard to care about that. These lights make me crave can lighting in the next home we purchase – even if I have to install them myself!