15 August 2012

My favorite apartment things #5 and #6

Still at Nerd Camp, still short on time, still writing little posts about the little things I love in our apartment!

Little thing #5: Window shades

This Photo Friday photo demonstrates just how gorgeous the windows are in this apartment. Most of our windows have that diamond pattern on the upper pane, and many have super-deep windowsills. They’re lovely.

But what you can’t see in that photo are the fantastic shades on our windows:

I always kept the slatted blinds up at our old house, because they weren’t particularly attractive and allowed slits of SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT to come through. I hated them, but didn’t want to replace them with bamboo shades because those seemed too dark.

But these allow a solid pane of soft, diffused light when lowered all the way. Plus, they’re cordless – you just push or pull the bottom of the shade where you want it, and it stays. These are my favorite window shades ever. Definitely something to consider for the next home, whenever that is!

Little thing #6: Transom windows (even if they can’t open)

I can’t help myself. I know I’ve said it before, but I still adore the transom windows in our apartment. There are only two – one on the door between the living room and office, and another between the office and the bedroom. They were needed back in the day because the office only has one small window. These transom windows would allow air flow from the neighboring rooms (which have three windows each), even with the doors closed. Bonus: the exterior windows on either side of the house line up perfectly with the doors and transoms, which line up perfectly with each other on either side of the office. It can be a wind tunnel! Those old architects were smart.

Unfortunately, they can’t be opened anymore because the mechanism is painted over. But that means... the mechanism is still there!

It’s sad that we can’t open them, but really, we have no need to. And even though they’re painted shut, I love love LOVE that the original transom hardware is still attached. It’s those original historic details that made me fall in love with these place!


Shanna said...

Me, too! We have a transom window over the front door at the Stella Ruth Road house [but we're moving away in just a few short days to a much newer house]. And the mechanism is still there, just painted over and not usable. I've loved my old charming house for 23 years now...will miss the old gal with all of her quirks.