20 August 2012

Nerd Camp, a preview

I am back, you guys. Back from a friend-visiting and science-filled New England adventure, from New Haven to New York to the Cape of Massachusetts, where I’ve been for the last two weeks!

Though it probably feels about the same to you guys, thanks to my insanity-driven desire to post every day while traveling. As you probably guessed, those were all written and scheduled in a fit of insanity and sleep deprivation before I left. So I guess you didn’t miss me? Hmm.

Anyway, though I’m back, I’m still disoriented from the transformational experience that is a two-week immersion course in science. Or maybe that feeling is just a side effect of massive exhaustion? A typical day went like this: Twelve-plus hours of this sort of science, like hands-on labs with prominent faculty in my new field...

As well as lectures, imaging, and general hardcore science discussion.

Those twelve hours were followed by a few more hours of this type of science, which honestly is quite important as well...

(Roll your eyes if you want, but perhaps the most valuable part of this meeting for me was getting to know my new colleagues in this field. Why? They come from all over the world, which makes it the only thing I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn at my new institution.)

In the few remaining hours, I slept in a dorm room and subsided exclusively on mass-produced cafeteria food, all while pushing my brain to its absolute extremes. FOR TWO WEEKS. You understand my exhaustion now!

And yet it still was worth it, you guys. So I will tell you about it soon! Using my own photos and not those nicked from uncredited other people, like the ones above! Ahem.

But for now, I need to catch up with Mr. P, tackle my overflowing inbox, and deal with that fairly daunting pile of laundry (I know it’s Massachusetts but PEOPLE THERE, YOU NEED AIR CONDITIONING.) So I’m off to a slow start. But I’m back!


Tina said...

Welcome back!