02 August 2012

Real storage wars, part 2

Last week I told you about the ongoing storage wars in our apartment thanks to the teensy closets we have. Also I pitched an AMAZING TELEVISION SHOW and yet not one cable company has approached me to purchase it. I mean, really. You’d watch that show.

Anyway, to be fair, I thought I should present the counterpoint to our teensy closets. After all, plenty of storage was definitely on our list of things we wanted in our new apartment – and ultimately one of the main reasons we chose this apartment.

So while we may not have big closets, we do have THIS:

Fully floored attic, you guys! Because of the slope of the roof, the attic footprint is considerably smaller than the apartment’s. But seriously, do you see how much space that is? Those are not miniature Rubbermaid plastic containers there in the back. Those are giant I-can-barely-carry them containers.

Unfortunately, none of it is organized right now. Most of what you see there on the right is empty boxes from moving, plus a few things we have in long-term storage. The shelves were already up there when we moved in, and they’re used to store things that “belong” to the apartment (like window screens and fixture parts). The back left, behind the HVAC, is all of our Christmas decorations except the tree.

But that’s just half of the attic.

I know! And yes, that is a ladder to the roof. No, we have never been brave enough to climb it.

Anyway, that one green-lidded box was the most recent thing we threw up there, so it’s ended up without a place. But if we wanted, we could expand our storage organization over there... and over there:

Yup. There’s even more storage around the corner, if we were willing to crawl over the ventilation ducts to get to it. If it weren’t for the HORRIBLE HEAT up there, it’s practically another living space.

Fortunately, as attics go, it’s a pretty accessible space, but it’s still not that easy to move stuff up into the attic. Tall ceilings + aluminum ladder + heavy boxes = no fun.

So for the big heavy stuff, we opted instead for the easy-access basement.

OH RIGHT WE TOTALLY ALSO HAVE A BASEMENT. In addition to the attic storage! I know, I’d be jealous too.

We have a whole room in the basement to call our own, and I also have not bothered to organize anything. Here’s the built-in storage with our plastic boxes (car wash and laundry stuff) just stacked on top.

The back wall is where Mr. P stores his big car stuff (tires and ramps) and other huge stuff like the ladder, plus even more cardboard boxes from moving day. I know, I know, we need to get the cardboard boxes off the floor and away from the exterior wall... but I haven’t seen any evidence of moisture or dampness. Maybe I’ll get around to it when it finally starts raining again.

As far as basements go, ours isn’t particularly creepy, but I might feel otherwise if/when I discover just how many spiders are nesting behind those boxes. Shudder.

The main purpose of this room, though, is laundry. Washer, dryer, and unnecessary primary-colored mat all courtesy of our landlady!

And there’s our Christmas tree, there beside the washing machine. I have yet to use that sink or, as you can see, use those cabinets. Baby steps! It took me years to paint over the clothesline mural, and it make take awhile to feel inspired again to make this feel homey. Though we have ideas! For instance, Mr. P wants to turn the open space into a workout area, so we can do aerobics without sounding like there’s a herd of elephants stampeding upstairs.

So now you’ve seen some never-before-seen nooks and crannies of the new apartment. I really have no right to complain about storage, do I? Now if only there was a television program that could help me figure out the best way to organize all this storage space. HMMMMMMMMMM.