28 August 2012

Thirty by thirty double whammy update: New Haven with Lil’ C

My house is a wreck, dear readers. There are stacks of papers to file, clothes strewn about (about half of which should probably be laundered), books in stacks because I gave away all our bookshelves, frames leaning against the wall in every room, and unfinished (or un-started) projects everywhere.

It’s a far cry from six months ago, when our old house was perfect and spotless. But I’m not surprised, considering the frequency with which I’ve been traveling (we went to Memphis last weekend, which makes four weekends in a row that I haven’t been home), not to mention the hours I’m working at the new job. It’ll get cleaned up, sure. But not today.

And you know what that means. TRAVELOGUE TIME!

To give me the weensiest bit of credit for proper blog theme, today’s post about my recent visit to New Haven does figure in to my 30 by 30 list, twice over! By visiting Lil’ C and her boyfriend in New Haven, I helped to check off both #24: Visit far-flung friends and #25: Visit three new cities!

So while New Haven may not be the hottest travel destination of 2012 (or any year, really), it’s the perfect place to visit 1) en route to another destination in New England, like Nerd Camp, or 2) when you have really awesome friends who live in New Haven. Sounds like good enough reasons to me!

While I did get to see my friends’ neighborhood and favorite hangouts, my only real sightseeing request in New Haven was to see their workplace, Yale University. I figured I’d see beautiful old buildings, so this ode-to-paleontology walking path was a little... odd:

Nevermind the violence rampant in New Haven; now you have to watch out for dive-bombing triceratops, too. (With thanks to Lil’ C’s boyfriend for the photo. Let’s call him... the Swiss Mister. SM for short!)

To be fair, the dinosaur was outside the Natural History museum. But still. The rest of Yale campus proper is, fortunately, attack-dinosaur free:

So collegiate! Here’s the view of the lawn in front of the library:

And here’s Lil’C and me in front of the cathedral-like library itself, in another photo by SM. He claims, somewhat apocryphally, that the library’s architect wanted a cathedral to his credit, but only had the commission to do Yale’s library. Said architect therefore made the library as cathedral-y as possible.

Considering the looks of the library, the story certainly seems like it could be true!

And SM also captured us looking at the fountain – turned off, at the time – in front of the library. It lists the number of women enrolled in Yale each year, going back over a century. Just 35 women enrolled in 1880, up to over five thousand women today! Wheeee! Yay ladies!

Sorry, something about being around my awesome female scientist friends makes me all feminist-y.

The library has this quote on the outside wall:

“The library is a summons to scholarship.” Almost sounds a little ominous... better answer that summons!

Here’s a few more random shots around Yale’s campus. Mr. P’s aunt went to Yale to study music, so I thought of her outside this building.

And if Lil’ C is correct, this building is a dining hall for one of the... colleges. Clubs? Houses? Whatever, it’s probably for Ravenclaw.

Our last stop on the Yale campus was Lil’ C’s building where she goes to lab every day. I was expecting more of the institutional, semi-futuristic, sterile-looking buildings that most labs are housed in – not some sort of Greek revival atrium.

And if Lil’ C wants to catch up on the latest scientific literature? This is where she gets to sit back and read:

That’s not part of the library above. That’s a “reading room”, just for her building. I think if I were working at Yale, I’d have to work in that room just because it’s so... YALE. Look at it! I am pretty sure my grant proposals would sound better if they were written in that room. The grandeur would rub off on the grant, somehow.

But before I could create the full mental image of myself working in the reading room (in an oxford button-down and cardigan because OF COURSE), we had to leave... to catch a train!

Grand Central Station, here we come! More on the adventure tomorrow!


cindy said...

I'm especially partial to this posting.....go figure! ;)

Christal said...

awww, yay, I had so much fun hanging out with you!!!