06 September 2012

About a couch, the choice

Attention, dear readers: I have broken rank with the rest of bloggerdom. That’s right.

We did not buy a white slipcovered EKTORP.

Which means we bought...

The Randolph sectional from the local shop!

I really wanted to love the IKEA sectional – either one! I really, really did. It just seemed simultaneously chic and homey, sophisticated and welcoming. There were so many beautiful photos with it and I wanted our house to look like those photos!

Once we traveled to Chicago to see it in person (that’s the nearest IKEA, booo), my dream started to crumble. I realized just how baggy the slipcover was... how dingy it would get... how cheap it felt. And Mr. P’s one criterion – COMFORT – was not particularly met to his expectations. I finally admitted that it was better to be realistic NOW than face the disappointment after we borrowed a family member’s car, drove to Chicago and back, lugged the boxes up our stairs, and assembled a sofa we didn’t really like.

Photographic evidence? The same beautiful source above shows this photo in another, earlier post.

The wrinkles were going to kill me, y’all. No thank you.

So I wanted to love it enough that I could convince Mr. P to like it. But I didn’t. And I have to admit, I’m proud of myself for letting go.

Which brought us back to the Randolph! I’m not sure exactly how I came across Good Works, but in our first months as St. Louisians, we visited a lot of furniture shops. I had this one pegged as a bit out-of-budget, but figured it was worth a walk-through. And while most items were more than I’d want to spend (at a price most people who aren’t super-cheapos like me would call “reasonably priced”), Mr. Randolph stood out as a good price AND something Mr. P and I could agree to like.

We actually visited the shop three times to see the floor model...

And on the third visit, I busted out my measuring tape (and Mr. P’s iPhone, to take the photo above and below). The store clerk, noticing our rather overt documentation, wandered over to help us. We chatted with him about the practicalities of moving this sofa into a third floor walkup (it comes in two pieces that fasten together!), how this particular fabric shown is no extra charge, the importance of ordering the chaise on the correct side, yadda yadda.

After discussing the details, I pointed to the floor model and said, “Yeah, I think we’d basically order one just like this. This fabric, this shape.” And the guy said “Really? Because we would sell you this floor model for ten percent off.”


Mr. P and I ran home with the measurements, double- and triple-checked that the couch would fit through the stairwells and doors (just barely! if they remove the feet!), and ran back to sign on the dotted line. Which, with the discount, was just dollars over the tag price INCLUDING tax and delivery. Sweet!

The only downside? Our discounted-floor-model couch is still modeling on the floor, for another week, until their delivery guys can bring it to us. Yes, the couch you see in the photos taken in-store IS OUR ACTUAL COUCH. Won’t you join us in hoping that our sofa isn’t stepped on, barfed on, ripped apart, or touched with sticky fingers until then, please? Because right now it’s really pretty and I want it to stay that way.

In the end, I think Mr. P and I really did find the best sofa at the best price for us. It’s not the sleek sophisticated number I had in my head, but that sofa wouldn’t be right for us anyway. I’m glad I could let go of my unrealistic notions and go with a safe option that makes us both happy!

Of course, there is still a little bit of a challenge to come. We just bought a beige sofa... for a room with beige carpet and beige walls. And all my throw pillows and blankets, from our old red couch? BEIGE. I love my neutrals, but even I have my limits.

But I’m going to take that as an opportunity for new accessories, squeee! And while we’re looking on the bright side... I’ve got just one more week of blogging from the futon!

Why bother cleaning up for a photo when the mess (including wires running all over the floor) just adds to the “fresh-out-of-college” style?



Laura said...

Excellent choice. It's a beautiful couch! I'm excited to see how you accessorize since we're in the same boat- beige on beige.

Rachel C said...

As an Ektorp owner and lover, I am a little sad that you didn't get one, but I do agree that he is more casual (aka wrinkles!) I also have a tonal beige floral (much prettier and less floral than it sounds) instead of white so it helps hide a lot of issues. But I love Randolph and can't wait to see what you do with it. I vote for pops of color like YHL #2 just like I did for the little table. :-)

Also, did you notice YHL got rid of another color pop when they replaced the bright blue kitchen stools? Within another year I think everything will be neutral again.