25 September 2012

Come on in, have a seat

Oh hey, guess what!

Remember that? Well, a little over a week ago, Mr. P and I cleared the room to anticipate a big delivery, and...


New sofa yay! Purchased from and very carefully delivered by this fantastic store, if you happen to be furniture-shopping in the St. Louis area.

Of course, that’s not the best view of the new sectional – I just showed that photo for comparison purposes. Here’s what it looks like when you enter the room from the kitchen or foyer:

And here’s what the new sectional looks like if you climb onto our windowsill and stand there to take photos while the passersby on the street wonder why there’s someone nearly mooning them from that third floor window:

We are so excited, you guys. While beige/tan microfiber is still not my most favorite fabric in the world (the swoopy marks, gah), I confess the practicality is amazing. It simply would not be possible to drink my morning coffee on a white sofa, I would die from anxiety. This was totally the right choice for us.

And besides, it’s super comfy and it’s HUGE. Ten feet wide! And although we’ve only had it a little over a week or so, I cannot understand how we ever survived without a ginormous sectional before. There is room for BOTH Mr. P and me to lay down and sprawl out. It’s incredible. I just keep flinging myself around on it saying ”We have so much couch!”

But fortunately, the low profile of the back and the one wide open ottoman-ish end keeps it from feeling like a behemoth. So I actually think it’s not coming across as that big in the photos, maybe? But see, if you were to sit on that ottoman-ish end of the sectional, and I were to sit in the opposite corner (where I’m currently blogging to you guys, actually), here’s how far away I am:

SO MUCH COUCH! Also me in my jammies. Because we’re good friends around here!

And you’ll be happy to learn, I think, that the arrival of this Very Important Piece of furniture has kick-started my living room decorating visions. Forget those shorty white shelves stuck in the back corner, the spindly table with oversized lamp, the ottoman in the middle of the room, the bare walls, the boxes behind the couch hinting at pending projects, the curtain-less windows, the wires running everywhere OMG. I’ve got ideas, people, and I’m getting them ready to share... but I first wanted to share the new couch enthusiasm! Because now you can come over AND YOU WILL HAVE SOMEPLACE TO SIT!


Rachel C said...

Yay!! It is couch day! And I love it. It is the perfect size to fill up the room without overcrowding it. And I can't wait to see your plans for the rest of the room.

Tina said...

I'm subbing in the library today... the assistant passed behind me as I was reading today's posting and commented "oh, I love that!" I looked to see what she was referring to and it was your couch! She asked if I was couch shopping... So of course I went into the explanation and she said to tell you what a great choice y'all made - I agree y'all have a lot of couch! Looking forward to the decor phase!
Love you!