26 September 2012

Living room inspiration

There are days where I wish we were back in our old house, our beautiful old house, with all its fantastic features and the hard work I/we invested. The old house was pretty, it felt darn near perfect, and it was done. The new apartment is so far from that, and it’s sometimes hard to muster the energy to even care when there are so many other things going on.

But then I finally sit down, spend a few hours putting together a mood board for our living room incorporating our new sofa... and, well... I get a little excited again. New home slump, begone!

I promised a look into my ideas for our living room, and I will show you, but first! Here’s a look at the rooms that have inspired me in my quest to create a welcoming and comfortable living room in our new place. Note, I didn’t intentionally build a mood board around these photos. After putting my ideas together, I scrolled down my Pinterest board, saw these photos and realized... huh, turns out I’ve been craving the same sort of living room for a long while now! The best kind of decorating is subconscious, perhaps?

(Sources are tracked down and linked as best as I could, but if I mis-attributed and you’re peeved, let me know!)

Oh me oh my, those rooms are beautiful. Beautiful enough to potentially send me into a sadness spiral because my living room is so, so far from those rooms... but I’m not gonna let them! Inspiration only! So, taking these photos together, a few things are clear:

I still love neutrals with pops of color.
I am apparently in a serious bluish/muted-teal-y phase.
I adore bookcases, specifically built-in bookcases.
And if casual-beachy-meets-traditional is a thing, it’s my thing.

So knowing that, and knowing what I’ve got to work with... where am I heading?

Ehh? Maybe?

Here’s what I picked and why:

1, from here:
This is a Spirit of Nashville print given to us by Mr. P’s sister for our wedding. You guys remember my Spirit of Nashville obsession, right? Well, I’m not letting go of a Nashville-themed living room just yet. This print also inspired most of the colors in the palette in the upper left – I think it’ll keep the room tied together!

2, from here:
You guys just heard about this fun new addition. The color is a bit too light here, but eh, you get the idea. It’s NEUTRAL.

3, from here:
Follow the source to Centsational Girl and you’ll understand exactly what I’m planning to do with the wall behind one side of the sofa. That’s right, I’mma gonna fake me some built-in bookcases! They’re already in the works, though it’s a bit of a problem-solving exercise, and consequently, slow-going.

4, from here:
Simple, breezy white IKEA VIVAN curtains, popularized in YHL’s old house. I had to leave all our RITVAs at the old house in the selling negotiations (booo sad face), so I picked up a few sets of VIVANs the last time we were in Chicago. Why not RITVAs? Well, I just wanted to see what the fuss was about with the VIVANs... and yes, also they are cheaper.

5, from here:
Embarrassing confession: our coffee table actually belongs with a outdoor patio furniture set. I’ve been using it in my living room since 2005, and yes, it is more than past time to relinquish it (especially since I don’t even own the rest of the patio furniture set anymore!). Mr. P and I both are considering a sort of storage-ottoman coffee table... maybe? Not sure yet. But we already own this ottoman (from Target), so it can be a placeholder for now. And if not a coffee table, it’d be nice in front of...

6, from here:
Even with our giant sectional, there’s room in our living room for some sort of accent chair. I’m not convinced I want this particular one, also from Target – I’m not sold on the blue, and I don’t know that the shape is particularly functional. But I’m definitely looking out for the right chair, as the room comes together!

7, from here:
Again, you guys know all about this recent addition. The rug’s dimensions are a bit twee for the ten-foot sectional, but I think I can make it work. I want to make it work, because covering up the beige carpeting will definitely help with the overabundance of neutrals we’ve got going on right now!

8, from here, and 9, from here:
Our old sofa, you may remember, was red, so I balanced that out with a bunch of neutral pillows. Now that we have a neutral sofa, I’m ready to punch it up with color! The striped pillow is a cover from IKEA that I could slip on existing pillows. As for the floral pillow, the fabric is also sold online from that shop, so I could (maybe) whip up another pillow cover or two to complement the stripes and geometric patterns that are currently taking over the room.

So some of the ideas are a bit amorphous, and most of it is subject to change, but I certainly have some direction! Hopefully I can make our living room a fun place to live in the coming months!


Miranda said...

I love it! Maybe after you are all finished, I'll just steal all of your ideas for my living room. :) I've had trouble finding very many pictures of light, happy living rooms without blazing white couches (which would die a terrible death at our house), but your inspiration pictures and mood board are beautiful. Good luck! I can't wait to see the end results.

Miranda said...

Oh, and is that YHL headboard fabric? I think it is soooo pretty!

Sarah said...

It is the same fabric! I've loved it for a while and when they put it on their headboard, I was all "Dang it, now I'm copying"... but then they painted their bedroom a warm, muted gray years after I did, so I'm calling it even ;)

Rachel C said...

I am officially jealous of your living room mood board. It makes me swoon a little and wish that I could start from scratch in my house, except I would leave my dark, moody gray walls because I still love them more than anything. Your style is so simple but in a good way. I just love it. Can I hire you when we start to redecorate? :-)

Tina said...

Hey, Stepchild,
Your Stepfather just told me you would have had a portable saw last Christmas already if you hadn't been saying y'all didn't want anything else you had to move to St.Louis... =P so I'll be bringing it to you when I come for a visit soon. It should help out some/a lot... In the meantime, look at this craZy women's free and easy plans for building your own furniture - hurry before her medication takes hold: http://ana-white.com
I love it all!

Miranda said...

Sarah, you are totally even now. :)

Mrs Tina, I'm totally obsessed with Ana White! Everything in my house would be built using her plans if only Corey didn't have that pesky job taking up his time. :) He did build the laundry sorter from her plan though.