27 September 2012

My favorite things: giant fall roundup

Believe it or not, I really do keep a running list – a spreadsheet, even – of upcoming blog posts to write, plus a rough idea of when I want to publish them. If you’re thinking this blog is haphazard and disorganized now (oh hello TEN MONTHS OUT-OF-DATE “about me” sidebar!), imagine what it’d be like around here without that list. It helps me remember what it was I wanted to talk about when it’s the sort of day that I literally don’t sit down until after 8 PM.

But today I’m ignoring the scheduled topic of discussion. Over the last few days and weeks, I’ve had a number of things that I’ve enjoyed enough to want to tell someone about them – like the lens cap keeper, for one. But there have been so many other things, and I’m tired of holding them in. How’s about I tip you lovely readers off to the happy-making! Here’s what’s I’m enjoying nowadays:

H&M tank tops
I walk two miles every day, to work and back. And I tend to walk fast because I really hate being between any Point A and any Point B, in general. That means I’m the crazy lady power-walking through the sidewalk café seating. And that also means I can break a sweat any time the outside temperature is above 50 degrees, which has been just about every day I’ve walked to work since July.

To keep myself from becoming a sweaty mess en route to my job (a la Jim Halpert), I invested in a whole bunch of tank tops from H&M. They were $7 each and fit short-shouldered me perfectly (no cleavage ‘splosions)! I can power-walk to work without pit stains, then throw on another layer once I arrive. I wear these at least three days a week because they are versatile and comfortable and PERFECT.

(I also got one each in black and white, not shown in this photo.)

You know, my mother and I once visited an aunt of hers, one I didn’t really see a lot growing up. At one point we complimented the pretty ring she was wearing, and she proceeded to show us how she’d bought the exact same ring five times in five different colors. I thought then, and I think again now: “Oh my gosh I am SO RELATED TO THIS WOMAN.” I fully subscribe to Aunt Velma’s philosophy: if you love it in one color, you need it in EVERY COLOR.

Peanut butter oatmeal cookies
The best. cookies. ever. They are sinful and delicious. Hopefully someday I’ll write about how I made them here (just a few little differences from the recipe there), but I can’t hold out on you until then, dear readers. Go here. Make them. Enjoy.

Creamy lemon oatmeal bars... again
And while I’m on my oatmeal dessert kick, I just want to say that I made these again recently and remembered why I love them so. I actually made them twice in the last week (for other people, not all for us, promise!), and the second time, I stupidly forgot to pre-bake the bottom crust before I glopped the lemon filling on it. So I swore, crossed my fingers, and baked the whole shebang for thirty straight minutes. And it was just fine! If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a go!

Better Homes & Gardens for $0.42 every month
As my dear friend M and a few other bloggers noted yesterday, Amazon is once again offering its awesome $5 magazine subscriptions, and right now BH&G is one of them! I’ve actually really missed my House Beautiful subscription that ended this past summer (just before we moved, fortunately), so I went ahead and got this for a monthly treat.

We love a bargain, indeed!

Sherlock Season 2 on Netflix
I’ve mentioned – more than once on here, and OH SO MANY times if you talk to me offline – my love of the BBC’s latest incarnation of the detective in the deerstalker. Until now, only the three episodes that comprise Season 1 were on Netflix, but now the three Season 2 episodes are on there, too! I’m not going to say that we can’t be friends anymore if you don’t watch Sherlock... but... well, I just won’t say it.

Franco Sarto boots
I do not like the fall. I do not like your romanticized notions of pumpkins and apples and crunchy leaves. I do not like the days getting shorter and chilly and I do not like the way summer is giving way to the Horrible Dark Times that is winter.

I do, however, really really like wearing my boots.

If these aren’t the exact Franco Sarto boots I own, they’re darn close. I picked mine up at Marshall’s in Nashville last fall and paid $70; they’re here at Piperlime now for $90, though probably two seasons old by now. But who cares, they retail for several hundred dollars! At $70 they certainly weren’t the cheapest items in my closet (you could buy a dozen different colors of H&M tank tops for $90) but oh, they are so worth it. Super comfy and never fail to get a compliment, which always brightens my day! I’m glad I didn’t go for a cheaper brand; these are going to last me for years. Years and years of making me forget my dread over winter approaching!

PS: Last Friday, I dressed for work in one of those tank tops, above, with jeans and these boots. As I looked in the mirror to arrange a scarf around my neck, I realized: you can take the girl out of Nashville, but you can’t take the Nashville out of her wardrobe.

Cloud Atlas audiobook
Mr. P and I both, separately, have been listening to this book as we commute to and from work. He picked it up because the film adaptation will soon be released, and I’m glad he did because I’m quite enjoying it! It can become a little David-Foster-Wallaceish at times – the prose is long, the styles shift, and I’m fairly sure the author enjoys throwing you in his story to see if you can swim. Fortunately I have a reading buddy in Mr. P, which is nice for working through some of the “wait what is happening” moments (which are many). If you’re looking for a nice meaty book, this one is a nice one to try before the film comes out!

And finally:

You guys you guys you guys, there are baby red pandas at the Memphis Zoo! Squeeeeeeee!

Raise your hand if you are now planning a trip to Memphis! I mean, St. Louis’s zoo is nice and all, but there is a noticeable dearth of baby red pandas. So, I’m trying to figure out how we can get to the zoo when we go visit Memphis family during the winter holidays. I actually happen to know someone who works at the Zoo, so I joked to Mr. P that maybe she could let me behind the scenes to see the baby red pandas, even though she works in marketing/publicity, not with the animals. Mr. P replied, “Yeah, tell her: ‘I’ve got a marketing idea for you: MORE OF THESE.’”

Indeed, Mr. P, indeed. More baby red pandas for all!

What’s making you happy nowadays? Anything to share with the class?


Miranda said...

I'd like to go on the record as saying I love your random, unplanned out posts! It's like we're sitting at SATCO (or more recently Sweet CeCe's) catching up on things. I mean I need to know you bought a bunch of tank tops that you love. Knowing stuff like that is what actually makes (and keeps) people friends. :)

Sidenote: The captcha I have to put in is "eggloar 9," which I found way too amusing. I think it's bedtime. :)