07 September 2012

Photo Friday #63: star light, star bright

When my friends and I were in NYC and ready to head back to their apartment at the end of the day, we realized we could try to catch a train would be leaving the station in just seventeen minutes. As we were currently ten blocks away and ever so slightly unsure how to get there and also really, really needed to pee before the ninety-minute ride, we were certain we wouldn’t make that train. At least, Lil’ C and I were certain. And we walked at a comfortable pace to emphasize our certainty. Her Swiss boyfriend, from a land where both trains and clocks are beautifully accurate, propelled himself forward on long European legs, convinced we could catch the train.

That is, perhaps, until I insisted on standing perfectly still in the middle of Grand Central Station to take a few photos of the ceiling. Major credit to him for his patience.

I actually didn’t edit this photo very much. It’s like it Instagrammed itself, you guys.

Oh, and we did, in fact, make the train.