14 September 2012

Photo Friday #64: Pa, still

It’s been nearly one year since a rather surreal and heartbreaking experience, and as the anniversary approaches, I can’t help but feel loss weighing on me. And yet this post recounting that whole experience is still, by far, one of my favorite posts here on the blog. If it’s not the best piece of writing I’ve ever composed, it’s at least the most heartfelt.

I thought maybe, one year later, it would all feel a little less raw. But... no. It feels pretty much the same as I recounted a year ago. “The tears stream down your face when you lose something you cannot replace.

That’s my Pa on the left in his Navy uniform, with his younger sister and brother. I had this photo tucked in my mirror for years at the old house, and even now I keep it in my jewelry box where I can continue to see it every day. It’s a reminder of Pa’s service, his gentle spirit, his wry smile.

But I also like it so much because of his baby sister, my great aunt. The way she clings to him, proud, content, grinning? I spent my whole life feeling the same way towards my Pa, and I can’t stop now.