20 September 2012

Real storage wars, scarf storage solution

Today I’ve got yet another installment of my ongoing battle to make the best use of our teensy closets here in our apartment – first chronicled here when I tackled shoe storage, and here I admitted that we at least have ample basement and attic storage so we only need to store “everyday” items in our itty-bitty closets.

And guess what I’m now using every day, thanks to the chill in the air? SCARVES!

I adore scarves, and I’ve accumulated a bit of a collection – it’s the one area of my wardrobe where I show little restraint. But that’s because scarves are the perfect accessory! Say I only want to wear jeans and a v-neck shirt but don’t want to feel like a fashionless bum? A scarf is the perfect way to punch it up. Need to get me a gift and don’t know what to get me? A scarf will be much appreciated. And pertinent to the recent weather: it’s a bit chilly outside but OH WAIT NO I’ve been walking around and I’m not chilly anymore? A scarf will serve me well, whether tied around my neck or tucked in my purse!

I really prefer hanging my scarf collection, because they wrinkle less and I can see all of them. So in our old house, I looped my scarves over several hangers in our ginormous closet. But we have such limited hanging space here, and our bulky winter coats, Mr. P’s tux and suits, and my dresses are taking up far too much real estate to hang my scarf collection.

So I brainstormed. Stared in the closets a bit. Tried not to be too annoyed by the big empty gap between the shorty clothes rod and the shelves in all of our closets.

“Go get a board cut to size and put it in there to make a shelf!”, you’re saying. “That will fill the space!”

Yes. I thought of that. But the ledge is way too close to the rod, so a standard shelf would make it impossible to take hangers on and off the rod. In order to work, the shelf would have to be super shallow, or I’d have to boost it up somehow with scrap wood, and none of those options sounded easy or appealing so I usually wandered off to eat some crackers.

But this time, inspiration struck! I found an old tension shower-stall curtain rod that I brought from the old house without any particular purpose in mind other than it seemed wasteful to toss it out (it wasn’t being used in the showers there, promise, I wouldn’t do that to the buyer). Fortunately, it fit perfectly in the back of our dining room/office closet!

Doesn’t everyone keep their dress clothes and bath towels in their dining room-turned-office closet? Of course. Just needs some scarves!

Perfect! Sure, my random towel collection and jumble of plastic hangers isn’t going to spark a Pinterest frenzy... but I can see all my scarves, I’m no longer annoyed by that empty space, and the solution was free! I’m claiming this battle for sure.

And also, wouldn’t solutions like this be perfect on a television show called Storage Wars? JUST SAYING.


Rachel C said...

Your addiction to scarves makes me love you even more because I, too, am completely addicted. I keep mine in a pretty gray, canvas storage crate from Target, but I've been looking for a better solution. I tend to wear the same scarves over and over again because they are on top of the box. I love this solution. Now I just need to see if it will work in my closet.