12 September 2012

STL adventures: Cubs versus Cards

Here in the middle of the country, the temperatures have been dropping and creating some awfully fall-like weather lately. Can you feel it? It’s nearly time for cardigans, stews, seasonal change allergies (or perhaps I caught a cold from a labmate?), and football!

But back up. I am not, unlike you, enamored with autumn. Hot as it was, I love steamy summer days. And before it gets too chilly, I want to think back to one in July... when we celebrated Christmas.

Yes. Christmas. I am all over the seasonal map. Because, you see, for Christmas? Mr. P got tickets to see his beloved Cubbies play baseball! Though... at the stadium of one of their big rivals.

Mr. P is incredibly hard to buy presents for (and that’s made worse by how I’m a terrible gift-giver). It’s easier to get him event tickets. When I realized last Christmas that, by summertime, we would be living in a city where the Cubbies occasionally play, I decided to embrace my gift-giving weaknesses and settled on a very delayed-gratification gift for him!

But I waited until Christmas to tell him about it, so he could pick out the seats. And it’s boring to not have any presents to open! So, I also bought him a Cubbies shirt to match his retro Cubbies hat (he’s wearing the hat in the photo above). As fate would have it, though, Mr. P had a conference the same weekend as the game, so he wore the same tee as his fellow conference-goers (sitting in the deck above us). Which means I donned the shirt over my clothes:

I worried a bit about not wearing Cardinals red, but we were far from the only people in blue. Even in the season-ticket holder seats!

Speaking of the seats, Mr. P chose great ones (behind first base, sun behind us!) and, lucky for us, the game was on one of the very few pleasant evenings. Eighty degrees and a breeze! Almost made me forget how much I think baseball is dumb.

My camera was forgotten at home, so I used Mr. P’s iPhone to document the pleasant Friday evening game. I thought the arch mowed into the field was neato:

And here’s the game! There could be something exciting happening. Maybe. I really don’t know, all of baseball basically looks like that. I’m just proud of myself for not bringing a book to read.

As expected when the perennial underdogs are pitted against the previous season’s champions... the Cubs lost... pretty badly. What else is new? But at least Mr. P and I had a lovely summer evening outdoors! Fingers crossed that we’ll have the opportunity again next summer, as this one draws to a close.

Are we real St. Louisans now that we’ve watched a game at Busch Stadium? I feel like I’ve just checked a box.


Miles said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.. PLEASE tell me you're joking and you're NOT really a Cubs fan..

Sarah said...

Totally Cubs fans. Mr. P's family are all from Wisconsin, so there's a long family history of cheering for Chicago teams (though we do go for Packers over Bears). As I could not care less about baseball, I joined him in the long-suffering Cubs fandom ;)