11 September 2012

Thirty by thirty update: birthday card stashing, round two

Oh, today. This date. It’s certainly an important day to citizens of our fair country. I’m sure many will spend today in remembrance, appropriately.

But it’s also reasonable, appropriate even, to show our patriotism by going about our usual order of the day. Which is why I’m choosing today, today specifically, to celebrate. I have two very good reasons!

First of all, this day has been an important day to my family both before and after the tragedy. It’s my stepsister’s birthday! Happy birthday to her!

My mother decided to buy us matching tracksuits for Christmas one year. And then she made us wear them. I... well... no, I don’t know why. Unless she was channeling the Royal Tenenbaums? Wine made it funny then, time makes it funny now.

But her birthday brings me to a second celebration. With her son’s birthday a week ago, I marked one official year of sending birthday cards to immediate family – and I can officially check that off the 30-by-30 list!

Although, I must admit... my nephew’s card was late. Remember, I met my goal over the last year by buying all of the year’s cards at once, and sorting them by date.

The plan worked so well that I was convinced I needed to do it again this year! But it took me a looonnnng time to pick out all those cards last year. So this year? I recruited Mr. P to pick up his half of the family (or at least, his mom and nephew, which I think is as far as he got). And in far less time than last year, we had this year’s card stash!

Noooo peeking if you’re getting a card from us this year!

It took a while until we were both free to wander around the Target card aisle, which accounts for the tardiness of my nephew’s card (which was immediately sent and therefore not in this photo). And unfortunately, I totally forgot about anniversary cards, which would have added a ridiculous six more cards to the pile.

But hey! I got birthday cards sent to all our immediate family last year! Do I feel more grown-up, more thirty-ish. Yes. I must say I do.