10 October 2012

DIY to-do: the reclaimed end table

Even though I haven’t shown you just yet, I really have made progress on the first “DIY to-do”, the red desk. It is no longer red! It is also not yet in a finished state or a final place in the office. So I’ll keep working on that behind-the-scenes and show you that when it’s completed, whenever that may be.

But for today, I have a new DIY to-do that I’m adding to my list. Yes, yes, I should probably stop adding things to the list of pending/half-completed projects and focus on checking them off, one at a time. But I really couldn’t help myself. This side table on casters is fantastic and it was free!

Let me explain. Thanks to Etsy and project bloggers everywhere (ahem), the post title suggests that this table was made from “reclaimed” wood that originally comprised grocery store palettes or something like that. That is not the case here. The wood is not reclaimed, the entire table was reclaimed.

See, when Mr. P and I got married, he moved out of the bachelor pad his friend owned and into my house. By then I’d already filled up the smallish house with furniture, so Mr. P only brought those things he wanted to keep, like his bed, his futon, his aquarium and electronics. He then left the rest – mostly hand-me-downs from his parents – at his roommate’s old house, to be dealt with... later? By them? Who knows, really.

Last weekend in Nashville, we stayed with Mr. P’s old roommates, literally staying in his old bedroom. While there, I spied this table that I recognized as Mr. P’s old nightstand and I fell in love. It’s funny, I never gave it a second look before, because we simply didn’t have a good place for it in the old house – if it won’t fit, I don’t want it, no matter how great it is.

But now? In our new spacious apartment? Oh em gee, I wanted it so hard. So we left with it while the old roommates were sleeping and prayed that they wouldn’t mind.

They didn’t! The table is ours again now! And oh my, I love it. Look at the casters! They’re easily my favorite part.

I also love the overall mid-century-antique feel of it. Mr. P’s not sure how old it is – it once belonged to his parents, and he doesn’t know how long they had it. The screws holding it together, though, suggest that it’s got at least a few decades on it:

Despite the age, the wood is in great condition! Just dust, a few scuffs and very few scratches, so no need to paint or refinish it. I’ll just get some Restor-a-Finish to brighten up the wood.

And if the scuffs still show? Ehh. It’ll match the scuffed up hardwood floor in our foyer.

The black tabletop, though... it has seen better days. Even after a good dusting, it’ll need some help.

The lower shelf is in better shape – its biggest problem is just dust. Still, I really think I’m going to paint over the black on the top and shelf and create a lovely two-tone finish that complements the wood. White maybe? Gray? BLUE AS I AM CLEARLY IN A BLUE PHASE?

Oh geez, I’m really in love with this table. What a find, right? The antique feel looks awesome in our historic apartment.

I’m so glad that I spied it (on its side, in a corner) at the old house and that the roommates were glad to see it go! I worried, honestly, that they had somehow realized what an awesome piece it is and would be mad that I stole it back... but nope! Fortunately I seem to be the only one around here with “visions”. Although that should probably be “unfortunately” for Mr. P, as he’s the one loading a dusty old end table into our car while I squeal with glee.

Right now I’m thinking it’ll make an excellent printer stand in the office I’m visualizing in my head, but who knows, there are lots of places it could go. I’ll let you know where – and how – it ends up! Just as soon as I get that far down my to-do list...