08 October 2012

Eats: chipotle chicken with roasted poblano

By now, longtime readers are probably as aware of this fact as I am: Mr. P does not like bell peppers. It continues to be a sore spot with me, as I love love love bell peppers. Every dish is better with bell peppers! I try not to complain too much about the lack of bell peppers in our dinners (as I despise his favorite goes-in-everything food: mushrooms), but I do miss bell peppers.

To compensate I keep trying to introduce other types of peppers into our meals. Mr. P will eat some peppers; I just have to figure out which ones. I showed you once how I made a vegetarian-friendly creamy poblano pasta that was at least acceptable to Mr. P and satisfied my taste for peppers. (It also satisfied my taste for super cheesy, buttery pasta, but that’s beside the point today.)

Because Mr. P okayed poblanos in our food, I decided to bring them back in a Mexican-inspired dish this time. And as promised, I decided to try roasting this one!

Here’s what the poblano looked like, pre-roasting. I do not know why this poblano is neon green, as opposed to the darker shade of the last one we had. Poblanos are still a bit mysterious to me.

Supposedly you can roast poblanos over an open gas flame, and I could have done that as we now have a gas stove. But fire = scary, so here’s what it looked like after fifteen minutes under the broiler in the toaster oven:

I just threw the whole pepper on an ungreased pan, popped it in the toaster oven, and flipped it over once. Once it was blistered and wrinkled, I pulled it out to let cool before peeling the skin off. Supposedly you can wrap it in a paper towel and pull the skin off in one piece, but it was simple enough to peel it off with my fingers! So easy!

Then I sliced it open and removed the stem and seeds...

... before dicing it up. But enough about the pepper! While I roasted the poblano, I also sautéed some sliced, salted-and-peppered chicken breasts in olive oil:

Note that, according to the browned bits, I may have forgotten about them while roasting the poblano. Oh well.

Once they were nearly cooked through, I set them aside to rest. Then in the same pan, I added a tablespoon of butter to sauté some minced garlic and onions...

Then threw in the poblanos!

I think I’d prefer the poblanos in long strips, but I wasn’t sure how they’d go over with Mr. P. So instead, I cut them to that smaller awkward size so he could have a bit of pepper with each bite of chicken (as opposed to big bites of pepper that he may not like).

Finally it was time for the last ingredient in this simple dish:

From the ethnic foods aisle at Schnucks: pre-diced chipotles! Wait, chiLpotles? What? Hey, has the restaurant been spelling it wrong all along? Huh.

Whether you call them chipotles or chilpotles, dump half the can (3.5 oz) into the pan:

Stir it around, then add in the chicken to combine!

The smoky chipotles and the spice of the peppers in this dish was delicious... at least, if you love peppers. And heat. I served this with a dollop of sour cream over rice (Spanish style Rice-a-Roni, lest you think I can cook more than one thing at a time), and beans would be a tasty complement.

Although we had peas instead of beans..... because Mr. P doesn’t like beans. Hey, we work with what we can around here. And this was a successful workaround! Enjoy!