30 October 2012

In the Halloween spirit (get it? SPIRIT?)

Happy Almost-Halloween, errbody! As longtime readers know, I am really not one to celebrate the minor holidays. I mean, I’ll gladly use the excuse to take off work if at all possible, but except for Christmas, I rarely decorate or make special foods or do those things that generally encompass “getting in the spirit”.

But I recognize that others do. That’s nice because I can vicariously celebrate through them. And I can point you in their direction for some minor-holiday spirit! So here. Here are some places that are celebrating Halloween and the fall season that are not me.

First up is Mrs. Limestone’s amazing Halloween decorations. I’ve raved about how incredible this lady is already, but if you didn’t believe me, CHECK. THIS. OUT.

(Photo is hers, obvs! I did not go up to Brooklyn to stalk her house, no matter how much I want to be her.)

If that wasn’t enough, check out the invites for her Wicked of Oz Halloween party:

I mean. That is hardcore Halloween dedication right there. Be sure to click through to some of her past Halloween posts, too (I like the mental asylum year). And prepare to be amazed.

For those of you with less time and more children, you might like this far more accessible craft thanks to Jen and her daughter at Rambling Renovators:

I happen to think those mummy lanterns are adorable, and for someone who doesn’t do holiday crafts, that’s saying a lot. It could spook up your weeknight Halloween dinner at the very least!

If you’re inclined to decorate for autumn over the coming month, Apartment Therapy has rounded up some good décor items that don’t involve bringing in bunches of crunchy fall leaves:

This past Saturday, our neighborhood had a big Halloween blowout (as I learned from our neighborhood blogger). Mostly I am just really proud of how our neighborhood has excellent graphic designers.

Nicki followed up, too, with some coverage of the children’s costume parade here. She claims this is Holly Golightly, but I’m definitely getting some classy-Lady Gaga vibes from this girl, yes? Interesting that those costumes could be interchangeable.

(With more to come in later posts, it seems, so check back for more adorable costumes!)

Mr. P sent me this link the other day:

Two things I love: colorful fall leaves and they are ORGANIZED NEATLY. Yes!

Finally, if you are desperate for last-minute Halloween costumes, Daily Grace is here to help. Yes, these are worth watching all the way through, despite the scary-looking still-frame preview.

Instagram made me giggle uncontrollably. Almost enough to make me get in costume myself... almost.

Hope you have a very happy Halloween tomorrow, everyone!


Tina said...

I loved this whole post!!! Even if it did consume most of my day... :-)