04 October 2012

“It’s up to me” printable

It’s true, dear readers, that I normally keep the blog a work-discussion-free zone. But I’m making an exception today to let you know two things:

One, I feel like I’m working non-stop and yet am making half the progress that I want. It’s frustrating, it’s disheartening, and I’m ninety-nine percent sure it’s normal. You too may be familiar with the feeling.

And two, I have a really fantastic boss. She’s young and new, which means that she’s learning how to be an effective mentor while I’m simultaneously figuring out how to be a productive postdoc. While my success at that goal is limited, she, on the other hand, is nothing but helpful. She works hard for me, which makes it easy to work hard for her.

It’s a bit of a gamble, taking a job in a lab without a proven track record – you don’t have lab alumni to let you know what it’s really like working there. But I suspected that my boss would be as she’s turned out to be, mostly because of one statement she made on my interview. She said that she was aware of the gamble, as a new lab doesn’t have a huge funding history or stellar publication record or successful alumni. You know, because it’s new. So in response to that, all she could tell me was that she felt like she’d been given everything she needed to succeed, and now it was up to her.

That line resonated with me. It’s been almost a year since she said that on my interview weekend, but on the (frequent) days when I’m disheartened by lack of success or lack of sleep, I remember it. Because I too really couldn’t ask for more out of this situation. If I don’t succeed, I really don’t have anyone to blame but myself. That’s the downside of working in a place with amazing resources and being surrounded by incredibly helpful people, I suppose.

My boss’s statement stuck with me so much that I was moved to make a printable of it. Yes, yes, these sorts of things are TAKING OVER your Pinterest and your facebook and maybe you are kind of sick of them. Also I am no graphic designer – my Illustrator/Photoshop skills have always been used for science, not art.

But just in case you’d like to adopt the attitude, too, I wanted to share it with you.

Font is Origin from here
Texture is from here
And the quote is stolen from my inspirational boss, obviously.

It should print out as 5x7” and hopefully set your mood in the right direction, too. Or if you want to make a different/better graphic of the quote (again: NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER), be sure to share it! Let’s all make the most of what we’ve received, shall we?


Christal said...

totally normal. :-) I love that quote! And I know I personally look forward to watching your successful career (continue to) unfold. And I find it increasingly hard to prove i'm not a robot when leaving a comment.

Rachel C said...

This post couldn't have come at a better time for me. I recently change positions in my company and have fought a daily battle with myself because I've been feeling the exact same way. I think it's a normal part of being a working adult. But, I love the statement and graphic! It's the perfect reminder that things will be ok. I am going to print you graphic for my desk at work. :-)

cindy said...

Love the quote! And you could swap out words willy nilly. Like "I've been given all I need to be happy, the rest is up to me."