19 October 2012

Photo Friday #69: Sleeping with the fishes

My research nowadays uses zebrafish as a model organism. Yes, those little striped fish you can buy at the pet store. I realize that sounds weird, but it’s actually normal (for a scientist) and we’re doing lots of important stuff for human health. Promise!

Because I study development, I spend a lot of time looking at little baby fish. These here are five day old zebrafish larvae, and they’re each a little more than half a centimeter long. The glow comes from the microscope, which I was using to examine them. Even without magnification, you can still probably make out their huge eyes on the sides of their heads.

Sometimes – especially when I’m working late at night on a weekend, when I took this photo – I have to remember to step back, look at what I’m doing, and say, you know what? This is pretty neat stuff.


Tina said...

Yep. When you move from doing research on something w/o eyes to something with eyes... way cool.