03 October 2012

STL adventures: Metric at The Pageant

When Mr. P and I lived in Nashville, we went to a lot of concerts. Well, at least, we were regular concert-goers back when we first met, in our early-to-mid-twenties. Ohh, we’d hit the big tour shows every month or so, and frequented the local bands on the off weeks. I mean, when you live in Nashville, why not?

But then years went on and we developed a chronic case of the married-old-peoples. You know, the condition in which having fun is more about snuggling on the couch eating ice cream than staying out late, destroying our hearing, and inevitably getting beer-splattered when the crowd forgets they’re holding drinks and starts jumping up and down during the chorus.

Then once we moved away from Nashville... I mean really why even bother being pretentious anymore about concert-going frequency or the best venues or music industry insider friends and family? Pass that ice cream, why don’t you.

And yet there are glimmers of our old concert-going days! I mentioned one concert we attended a few months ago, thanks to one of the aforementioned music industry friends. And last night, just hours ago, we were here!

Photo source. Not mine; I only had a camera phone on me.

I know! Fastest blog post turnaround time ever, right?

The opening band was Half Moon Run, and they had some songs I liked a lot (and will purchase to download once I figure out the song titles). I’m inexplicably snobby about opening bands, and I thought these guys were great fun, so check them out maybe?

After the opening set, the fog machines went on full force during intermission. We skipped squishing ourselves onto the floor with the college crowd in favor of hanging back on an upper level to keep our awesome view. Being old means making wise decisions, yes?

Then it was Metric time!

But let’s be honest as to why Mr. P and most of the other men were there: Metric lead singer Emily Haines. I cannot blame them.

(Anyone else think Emily looks like Dooce? No? Just me?)

And now because I went out to a show on a weeknight and I’m now stuck writing this after midnight, HERE LET ME THROW A BUNCH OF BLURRY CAMERA PHONE PHOTOS AT YOU!

You know, it’s not so bad being an old grownup married person, really. I happen to like hanging out in my jammies and eating ice cream with Mr. P. But occasionally...

...it’s fun to have puffy, bloodshot eyes and a hand stamp, too.