25 October 2012

What I wore: Eighty degrees in October

I’m not gonna lie, dear readers. Work demands are so so high nowadays, leaving little time for projects. And to be brutally honest, some nights writing a blog post feels like a horrible chore when I just want to relax. I love that you guys hold me accountable for completing my projects, but it’s a little ridiculous to come home and feel stress over “OMG I have to finish painting this or I’ll have nothing to say on my blaaaahhhhg”. That is no fun, dear readers!

But. But! Before I throw in the towel and cut back on posting frequency, I’ve decided to try to steer the blog to projects that relate somewhat to work. And what’s the work-friendly topic I’m going to start writing about? DRESSING FOR SUCCESS, baby!

Since starting my new job, I’ve really tried to adopt the attitude that I’m no longer a student and I should dress for the job I someday want. And I even though I shop the clearance racks, I really do have enough nice clothes to dress better than a lazy bum every day (as you saw here). So... why not wear them? And why not show YOU, TOO?

So here’s today’s “eighty degrees in late October” outfit (with major credit to Evany for inspiring me to name the outfits as such):

Dress: from Tar-zhay earlier this summer, a sleeveless navy number made of thin cotton that is just this side of cheap-looking

Cardigan: also Tar-zhay, Christmas gift last year. Roll up the sleeves for warmer weather!

Belt: Kohl’s, a few years ago. It’s elasticky and awesome.

Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall’s. I wear them constantly now, even in warm weather.

Necklace: I purchased the jade pendant sometime back in college in an effort to start dressing more nicely, I think. No idea from where. But hey, it worked! TEN YEARS LATER!

Earrings: Silver hoops from Lia Sophia, a gift a few years ago.

Ring: NOT SHOWN in that photo. So here you go:

A beautiful green amethyst, made by this Etsy seller! Mr. P surprised me with it as a Valentine’s present (I think it was Valentine’s?) a few years back. “Surprised” because when I showed it to him, thinking about getting it, he pronounced it super ugly. And then he got it for me anyway! That’s true love, yes? Even if he still talks about how ugly it is?

So even though I’m no fashion icon and will never be, I’m still taking on this ongoing project to dress like a real grown-up! I hope you don’t mind... and maybe you can share your grown-up fashion tips with me!


Christal said...

You look so pretty and professional! I am looking forward to not-dressing-like-a-student, too...but have a current policy that if bleaching things is a major part of my day, no big kid clothes for me. Someday.... :-)

Sarah said...

So true, Christal! I don't have to bleach anything regularly, but I do avoid light-colored pants, lest I drip methylene blue from the fish water. And no long pants on tank exchange days, the hems will get SOAKED. It makes it all the more challenging to find an outfit that works :)

Rachel C said...

I like the various non- house related blog topics. I love getting little snippets of your life. Plus seeing other people's idea of work appropriate clothing helps give me ideas for my own closet!